10 times Kaley Cuoco gave us short hair envy & How to get the looks

10 times Kaley Cuoco gave us short hair envy & How to get the looks

Kaley Cuoco has rocked everything from pink bobs to edgy pixie cuts – click through to look at the top 10 times she gave us major short hair envy…

Take a leaf out of Kaley’s book for laidback glamour, and try styling your bob into soft curls. Start by adding some volumizing spray to give your locks a bit of texture. Section your locks and work through each section using a curling iron. Don’t worry about keeping the hair smooth and sleek – this look works best when slightly unkempt.

A pixie cut can be pretty edgy, but if you’re looking for something a bit bolder. A soft pink candyfloss shade can make a great statement. If you’ve never opted for a bright color before, stick to hair chalks that can easily be washed out. Wash your hair and don’t add any product afterward, then start to smooth the hair chalk on the sections you want to color – sometimes, just a few strands will be just as eye-catching.

Kaley turned heads at the Kids Choice Awards with her sleek and smooth style. Start by sweeping damp hair into a deep side parting and combing it down for the straight poker look. For the wet look finish, take some hair oil (argan or jojoba oil will also work), and using your palms smooth down all over your locks. Use stronghold hairspray to keep it in place.

If you’re growing out a pixie cut into a bob, follow Kaley’s lead and head to the salon to add some layers – this will make it much easier to style; plus, you can add a lot when worn down more volume without needing too much product.

An undercut makes a bold statement, but if you’re looking to soften it up, recreate Kaley’s look at the SAG awards by sweeping your long locks into a side fringe – use straighteners to smooth it down and create a smooth finish.

The Big Bang Theory actress regularly turns heads on the red carpet with short pixie cuts. She was often opting for a quick and choppy style to add a touch of edge. Keep this look slightly disheveled for laidback chic.

Whether you’re rocking a short fringe or growing a more straightforward style, channel your inner punk like Kaley by sweeping your tresses backward and backcombing at the roots for ultimate volume. Keep the sides super smooth and secure the look with hairspray.

For a fuss-free, effortless red carpet style such as the American star chosen for the Emmys, brush your hair to get rid of flyaways. Then, using your fingers, run some texture wax through your tresses.

Slicked back hair has become an A-lister’s go-to red carpet look, and it takes just minutes to create on short hair. Kaley’s smooth and sleek style works best on freshly-washed hair, so shampoo and condition beforehand. Use a small round brush to create volume by brushing upwards at the roots as you dry. Then blow-dry the rest of the locks to be smooth. Use a fine-tooth comb to tame any leftover flyaway strands when you’re finished.

Kaley’s glamorous side-swept ‘do is so easy to copy at home. Start by sweeping wet hair into a dramatic side parting – if you have any longer locks. Please bring them to the front to create the fringe. Next, take a hairdryer and a small round brush – as you dry. Keep brushing down to keep your locks as smooth as possible. Spritz hairspray onto your fingers and keep smoothing down for a sleek finish: when you’re happy with the look. Finish with one last burst of hairspray for a solid hold.

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