10 Underrated Quotes From Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has incredible quotes that make fantastic memes, but Sheldon, Penny, and co. have some underrated lines that fans forget about.

The Big Bang Theory has 12 seasons under its belt and numerous one-liners that are repeated daily from diehard fans. Sheldon’s “Bazinga!” is a fan favorite, so was Leonard’s “I’m the king of the nerds,” but there are even more underrated quotes that get swept under the rug due to the number of popular lines the sitcom boasts.

Underrated characters like Stuart have lines that aren’t talked about enough, and the same can be said for Raj. The best part about these quotes is that they would make the perfect meme if the situation called for it.


“I Informed You Thusly. I So Informed You Thusly.”

Sheldon informing someone thusly on TBBT

In “The 21-Second Excitation,” the men were excited to watch an extended version of Indiana Jones. Sheldon wanted to get to the theatre early to bypass the long line, but the rest of the group agreed that there was no point in getting there early. By the time they got to the theatre, they were one of the last groups in line and weren’t allowed in the theatre.

Sheldon informed everyone “thusly” about his warning and they were now in a predicament. It was one of Sheldon’s best, underrated quotes. A meme like this is perfect for anyone who wants to prove someone wrong.


“Take That, Glass Ceiling!”

Amy and Sheldon presenting an episode of Fun with Flag - TBBT

One of the most important parts of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship was when he invited her to be a part of his online show, Fun with Flags. She was no longer just the director; she was now a co-host. In one episode, Sheldon thanked Amy for being the only female to co-host Fun with Flags with him. In response, she excitedly screamed, “Take that, glass ceiling!”

The reference of the “glass ceiling” is a metaphor for making an incredible accomplishment. A meme like this could be used for any major accomplishment when the odds are stacked against a person.


“I Told You That In Confidence.”

Bernadette, Howard, and Stuart in the car on TBBT

If there was one character who deserved more in TBBT, it was Stuart. Stuart started as a side character, but he eventually became a bigger part of the show. When he was down on his luck, he moved in with Howard and Bernadette to save some money and help them with their kids. The trio became incredibly close — so close that Howard was able to do a great impression of Stuart.

After Howard did an unflattering impression of Stuart’s private confession, Stuart whispered, “I told you that in confidence.” A meme like this could be used as a response to an embarrassing or awkward moment.

The Big Bang Theory: Penny

“Not Knowing Is Part Of The Fun.”

Penny talking about not knowing things while eating on TBBT

Penny wasn’t always smarter than the guys but she had the most street smarts in the friend group. She understood emotions, sports, and reading the room. In one scene, Penny told Sheldon that “not knowing is part of the fun” in certain areas.

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Sheldon, of course, denied her claim and asked if “not knowing” was part of her community college motto. Nevertheless, a meme like this works whenever a person doesn’t know something or is hiding from the truth due to fear.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon

“If I Were Not Being Careful, You Telling Me To Be Careful Would Not Make Me Careful.”

A split image of Sheldon, Raj, and Howard in their apartment looking for a cricket on TBBT

A meme like this is wise if a person is sick of someone telling them to be “careful.”

In Sheldon’s case, he was bothered by Howard when they were looking for a mysterious cricket. When they thought the cricket was in the elevator, Sheldon climbed down the rope in hopes of finding him. Howard warned him to be careful, which is when Sheldon said this witty quote. Sometimes being told to be careful just makes a person less careful because it’s stating the obvious.


“I’m 37 With The Bone Density Of An 80-Year-Old Man.”

Raj standing at a table telling a story for Howard's bachelor party on TBBT

As a side character, Stuart had a unique way of living that would have made for a great TBBT spin-off. He owned a comic book store, he was always looking for a place to crash, and his health was mysterious. Stuart mentioned his health issues on multiple occasions — including Howard’s bachelor party.

At the party, Stuart revealed that he had the “bone density of an 80-year-old man.” Everyone laughs when Stuart mentions his health issues because of his raw delivery. A line like this could easily make a great sarcastic meme for anyone who feels older than they are.

The Big Bang Theory: Howard

“My Mother Calls Me Every Day At Work To See If I Had A Healthy Bowel Movement.”

Howard and Bernadette on their first date on TBBT

Howard and his mom, Debbie, were incredibly close before her untimely death in later seasons. After his father abandoned them when Howard was a teenager, the only people they had to lean on was each other. However, this didn’t mean it didn’t bother Howard when his mom was invasive.

Howard and Debbie had hilarious scenes together, so it felt right for Howard to tell Bernadette that he was a mama’s boy on their first date. Luckily for Howard, Bernadette also had an overbearing mom and wasn’t deterred by it. Howard’s line about his intrusive mother and his bowel movements would be a great meme for those who also have domineering mothers.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon

“What Exactly Does That Expression Mean: ‘Friends With Benefits?’ Does He Provide Her With Health Insurance?”

Sheldon asks the group about friends with benefits on TBBT

The term “friends with benefits” is a popular one in 2021. It means two people can do all the things that come with relationships without the relationship title. Sheldon found the premise of”friends with benefits” an interesting one because he wasn’t sure what the benefits were if they weren’t related to health insurance.

Sharing a meme about friends with benefits could be a great ice breaker for anyone hinting at an FWB scenario or responding to someone else who was in a similar relationship.

The Big Bang Theory: Raj

“I Haven’t Cried Like This Since Toy Story 3.”

Raj cries while talking about Toy Story 3

Of all the TBBT characters, Raj has had some of the saddest things happen to him. He was one of the few who didn’t end up in a relationship and he didn’t learn true independence until later in life. Because of his shortcomings, Raj was one of the few who was overly sensitive and super romantic.

He was so emotional that he brought up how hard he cried in Toy Story 3. At the end of Toy Story 3, the toys almost died in a furnace before being placed with a new owner. This line is relatable for anyone who saw the Pixar/Disney film and cried as hard as Raj did.

The Big Bang Theory: Amy

“He Used A Period Instead Of A Question Mark. He’s So Wasted.”

Amy singing at a bar on TBBT

This line from Amy has to be one of the most underrated in the series. In the episode, Amy received a text from Sheldon when he was at a karaoke bar with the gang. She joked that he was “wasted” because he never added a question mark after a declarative statement.

It’s hilarious because it shows how rarely Sheldon drinks and how infrequently he makes grammar mistakes. A meme like this is perfect for the Grammar Police in everyone’s lives.

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