10 ways Amy matured on The Big Bang Theory

After Alex Trebek died in 2020, Jeopardy! announced Mayim Bialik as its new host. Bialik’s doctorate in neuroscience made her the perfect host and The Big Bang Theory  Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy was one of the series’ most brilliant characters and more than Sheldon Cooper’s wife. She had depth and compassion, which helped her mature over 12 seasons.

She dated and loved

Raj and Howard paired Amy with Sheldon on a dating app to introduce her to viewers. Amy was socially awkward and didn’t want the date. She only dated because she promised her mom a yearly date.

By breaking up with Sheldon, Amy realized her worth.

Five years into dating Sheldon, Amy realized she was wasting her time. Amy poured her heart into a relationship that wasn’t returned.

She Resisted Bernadette and Penny’s Exclusion

Bernadette and Penny didn’t accept Amy at first because she was new. Amy didn’t know how to make friends. She grew close to Peny and Bernadette and was a valued group member.

Amy chose their career over Sheldon’s future.

After falling for Sheldon, Amy did more for him than for herself. Amy was a brilliant scientist, but Sheldon overshadowed her.

Since her first season, she’s become friendlier.

Amy’s slow transformation in Big Bang Theory was satisfying. Amy was cold and robotic in her first season. She wasn’t sarcastic, short, or friendly.

When Sheldon Was Ready

In season 7’s ‘The Table Polarization,’ Amy was ready to live with Sheldon. Leonard and Penny’s engagement prompted Amy to suggest she and Sheldon live together.

Amy fought her parents.

Amy’s parents made their first appearance at Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. Amy was an adult planning a big romantic moment, but her mother spoke over her.

Caltech’s professionalism

Amy wasn’t a Caltech employee, but she was assigned there. Amy was a neurobiologist on Big Bang Theory.

Body acceptance

Amy never cared about her looks because she valued her intelligence. Bernadette was one of California’s sexiest female scientists, which surprised her.

Amy learned to be assertive and confident.

Amy changed throughout TBBT. Once shy and skeptical, Amy became thoughtful, understanding, and intelligent. Amy became herself thanks to Sheldon and the group.

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