12 Workout Images Of The Big Bang Theory Cast

It’s not easy to be a singer, dancer, or actor. You have to stick to a strict schedule, and you also have to live a certain way behind the scenes. During the many seasons of Big Bang, most of the cast didn’t eat pizza after every show. Instead, they stuck to strict diets and exercise plans.

12. Mayim Kickboxing

Mayim is also working hard and making progress. She takes a kickboxing class, which is a more aggressive way to work out than what Kaley likes to do, throwing around dumbbells and taking yoga classes.

11. Parsons and the Sled Push

Jim is giving it his all and not holding back at all. If you look at some of his workout videos, it’s clear he gives it his all when he works out, unlike those funny Big Bang workouts with Cuoco on the show.

10. Galecki Post-Workout

We see the Big Bang star walking away from the gym in L.A. Nearby. It’s almost impossible to go to the gym without the paparazzi noticing.

9. Time To Roll

Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, is warming up by stretching before a hard workout. This is a must-have for people who train every day. Foam rolling before and after an activity is an absolute must.


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8. Landmine Squat

Not only is Parsons strong, but he is also not afraid to try complex exercises like the landmine squat shown above. Parsons has a ball under him that he can rest on to ensure he goes down.

7. Time To Plank

Cuoco makes planking even harder by doing it on top of two rollers.

6. Mayim’s in the zone

A picture of Mayim when she looks like she’s really in the area. This would have created a great episode of Big Bang. Just think about how Sheldon would have reacted to Mayim’s kickboxing. That alone would have been a great scene.


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5. Leonard On The Treadmill

Who could forget this funny episode of “The Big Bang Theory” in which Leonard tried to keep up with his other coworkers? He found out the hard way that cardio isn’t easy, which is something that many of us do.

4. Bodyweight Strength

Sheldon has a lot of body strength because he can pull himself up from a dip position. Not only does that require a lot of upper body strength but also some stability and flexibility.

3. Side Plank Work

She’s in a side plank position, but Cuoco is making things much harder for herself once again. She has the yoga ball between her legs, and one arm is on a plank.


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2. More Sled Pulls

This exercise is twice as hard as it was before. The heart rate is rising, and the muscles are also doing a lot of work to pull all that weight.

1. the Golden State Of Mind

In the exercise above, she wears professional gym clothes and uses a cable extension. Cuoco puts a lot of pictures of her workouts on her Instagram Stories, like the one above.

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