15 Behind-the-Scenes Pictures Of Kaley Cuoco From The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco is a well-known television actress in Hollywood. We got to know this funny, bubbly blonde talent when she played Penny on the mega-popular series The Big Bang Theory. Throughout 12 seasons, we watched Kaley’s Penny grow from a clueless, ditzy, wayward youngster to a professional, a wife, and a soon-to-be mother. Her charismatic personality made it impossible not to fall in love with her.

15. No way! What exactly did you do to enrage Leonard?

What exactly did Kaley do to enrage Leonard so much? While this behind-the-scenes photo makes it appear as if Leonard is about to murder Penny, they are best friends in real life. The costars dated for years before deciding those remaining friends were the best option.

14. Girl, we love you.

Kaley Cuoco, the star of TBBT, is talented, beautiful, and full of love. On The Big Bang Theory’s set, she shows us how much love she has for others with her heart hands. We all know how much Kaley adores her costars, her girl squad, her husband Karl Cook, and her adorable puppies.

13. For a cast as close as this one to say goodbye.

Imagine being with your best friend every day. Working side by side on a show as unique as The Big Bang Theory! It’d be difficult not to become close with the people who helped you create the show. After the final scene was shot, Kaley and her castmates had difficulty parting ways. We comprehend!

12. More Than Just Costars, Kaley and Her Costars

The Big Bang Theory cast worked together for a whopping twelve years. They grew up together and evolved into much more than costars. After their scenes were completed, many of the actors, including Kaley, Jim Parsons, and Johnny Galecki, spent time together.

11. With this, Kaley appears to require assistance from her science friends.

Kaley is holding something she wants us to believe she built. While Kaley is a multi-talented woman, we doubt she is the one who put this thing together. We’re guessing she had some help from Sheldon or Leonard, brilliant.

10. Kaley and the rest of the cast had a great run.

When a cast of actors works together for many years, the end of a series can be very traumatic. They bid farewell to their work and the people they spent so many hours with on-set. The Big Bang Theory actors were no different from many other groups of co-workers. Their series finale was full of emotion in front of the camera and off.

9. These Two Have Were still Friends Through Filming, Trying to date, And A Breakup

Penny and Leonard end up marrying and having a baby on the show! They were one of the most famous couples on television. Although Kaley and Johnny had been dating for several years, many people were unaware that they were more than just friends. Their relationship was kept a secret. Following their breakup, they remained friends and collaborated.

8. Penny Hair Can Be A Lengthy Process

Being a star on one of tv’s most popular shows must be a dream come true, but acting isn’t for everyone. Would you please look at Kaley getting ready for her scenes in their hair and makeup? Consider that she had to do this every day for twelve seasons!

7. Kaley brought her husband to the set once or twice.

On a few occasions, Kaley brought her second husband, Karl Cook, to The Big Bang Theory. It’s encouraging to see her husband backing her up in her endeavors.

6. In Between Takes, Kaley and her pals are having a good time.

Kaley and her coworkers take a break from filming their scenes to show us that getting a little silly can help you get through a long day. That’s something Penny, and real-life Kaley has in common.

5. Bringing Out Her Real Self

She didn’t get along well with her next-door neighbors, Sheldon and Leonard, and their kooky pals. She seemed at ease posing at the on-set comic store, having learned a lot from the guys.

4. Have Some Fun With Costars And Banners

Kaley’s persona Millions of fans adored Penny, and one of the most endearing aspects of her personality was her attentiveness and diligence for her partner Sheldon. Cuoco and Jim Parsons take a Fun with Flags scene to pose for a silly photo. In real life, many of these BBT castmates became close friends.

3. Kaley and Johnny are proving their selfie prowess.

These two well-known television actors were extremely busy filming. They take a break from filming to take a fun selfie. It’s lovely to see Kaley and Johnny be able to move on from their breakup and form a strong friendship.

2. Filming Can Make A Gal Hungry!

Actors and actresses who work on TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory put in long hours. Because of this, they sometimes have to get those meals in when they can. Kaley and her costar & good friend, Johnny Galecki, look like they are very grateful to have a warm meal brought to them while working.

1. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki have a deep conversation during filming.

Kaley and her costar, ex-boyfriend, and dear friend Johnny Galecki discuss something in between the film. Is it about their upcoming scene and acting technique, or something else entirely?

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