18 Pics That Paint The Big Bang Theory Cast In A Different Light

18 Pics That Paint The Big Bang Theory Cast In A Different Light

“The Big Bang Theory” was a CBS sitcom that made viewers laugh for 12 long seasons. Over the years, it’s also received several nominations and awards from the Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, etc. The series revolved around a close group of friends played by Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Melissa Rauch, and Mayim Bialik. Meanwhile, the cast supports Kevin Sussman, Laura Spencer, Christine Baranski, Kate Micucci, Sara Gilbert, and John Ross Bowie.

18. Sussman Once Guest Starred On ‘Weeds.’

Sussman-once-guest-starred-on-Weeds-via-celebritypictures.wiki_.jpg (740×343)

17. Bialik Once Starred On ‘Beaches.’

Bialik-once-starred-on-Beaches.jpg (740×309)

16. Nayyar Celebrates Diwali In India

Nayyar-celebrates-Diwali-in-India-via-tvserieswelove.com_.jpg (740×555)

15. Nayyar Poses On The Red Carpet With His Gorgeous Wife

Nayyar-poses-on-the-red-carpet-with-his-gorgeous-wife-via-popsugar.com_.jpg (740×1042)

14. Helberg Plays A Rabbi In ‘A Serious Man.’

Helberg-plays-a-rabbi-in-‘A-Serious-Man’-via-imdb.com_.jpg (740×358)

13. Rauch Gets Steamy For A Lingerie Shoot

Rauch-gets-steamy-for-a-lingerie-shoot-via-reddit.com_.jpg (740×458)

12. Rauch Plays The Role Of A Gymnast

Rauch-plays-the-role-of-a-gymnast-via-nytimes.com_.jpg (740×411)

11. Rauch Hangs Out With Meryl Streep And Younger ‘The Laundromat’ Co-Stars

Rauch-hangs-out-with-Meryl-Streep-and-younger-‘The-Laundromat’-co-stars-via-twitter.com_.jpg (680×680)

10. Galecki Is Spotted With A Much Younger Girlfriend

Galecki-is-spotted-with-a-much-younger-girlfriend-via-radaronline.com_.jpg (740×375)

9. Galecki Steps Into The Dark World Of ‘Rings.’

Galecki-steps-into-the-dark-world-of-‘Rings’-via-imdb.com_.jpg (740×374)

8. Galecki Once Starred With Neil Patrick Harris On ‘A Family Torn Apart.’

Galecki-once-starred-with-Neil-Patrick-Harris-on-A-Family-Torn-Apart.jpg (740×405)

7. Parsons Takes On A More Serious Role In ‘Hidden Figures’

Parsons-takes-on-a-more-serious-role-in-‘Hidden-Figures’-via-hollywoodreporter.com_.jpg (740×411)

6. Parsons Works With Rihanna

Parsons-works-with-Rihanna-via-justjared.com_.jpg (740×418)

5. Cuoco Gets Her Tires Punctured

Cuoco-gets-her-tires-punctured-via-dailymail.co_.uk_.jpg (740×432)

4. Cuoco Puts On A Fat Suit For A TV Movie

Cuoco-puts-on-a-fat-suit-for-a-tv-movie-via-usmagazine.com_.jpg (740×967)

3. Cuoco Performs A Red-Hot Number For Charity

Cuoco-performs-a-red-hot-number-for-charity-via-pinterest.com_.jpg (740×1133)

2. Cuoco Appears On Camera While Hungover

Cuoco-appears-on-camera-while-hungover-via-dailymail.co_.uk_.jpg (740×444)

1. Cuoco Films Tense Scenes For Upcoming TV Series

Cuoco-films-tense-scenes-for-upcoming-tv-series-via-metro.co_.uk_.jpg (740×370)


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