20 Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Big Bang Theory Cast

When a celebrity becomes well-known, photos of them appear all over. According to the BBC, a paparazzi can earn anywhere from 20% to 70% of the royalties earned by a great photo, and exclusive shots can earn up to six figures. When a photographer captures a picture celebrity out and about an ordinary person, they can expect to earn anywhere from $5 to $15,000.

20. Young Cowboy Parsons

19. Blossoming Mayim

18. The Made For TV Moment

17. Baby Helberg

16. Kid Kunal

15. Little Kripke

14. Beginning Sussman

13.Kunal Nayyar’s NCIS Start

12.True Blood Bernadette

11. Jim Parsons In Garden State

10. Mayim & The Full House?

9.’Old School’ Simon Helberg

8. The Big Bangs On Kid Kaley Cuoco

7. Little Kid Melissa Rauch

6. Double Big Bang

5. Kaley The Teen Years

4. Playing A Young Bette Midle

3. Early Days As A Child Actor

2. 8 Simple Guidelines for Your First Sitcom

1. Sarah Rue’s Thoughts

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