20 Images Of Bernadette Out Of Character (That We Can’t Stop Looking At)

Like many other actors on The Big Bang Theory, Melissa Rauch ( Bernadette ) differs slightly from her character. While some of them are scientists, they don’t necessarily know everything there is to know about style.

20. Melissa Rauch’s ( Bernadette ) Maxim Cover

19. Her Sweet Red Carpet Looks

18. As Well As Her Saucier Ones

17. Purple Looks Good On Her

16. Her everyday is always adorable.

15. This is Pretty In Pink Style.

14. Need We Say More About This Picture?

13. She can even pull off men’s wear well.

12. She’s Clever, Too: See This Thoughtful Look?

11. Yellow Looks Good On Her

10. Her Casual Is Oh-So-Cool

9. Her classic look is just as strong.

8. She even looked good while pregnant!

7. We Love Her In Classic Silhouettes

6. As Proven By This Pin-Up Inspired Shoot

5. A Little Black Dress Is A Perfect Fit

4. But this red dress also looks like a good fit.

3. She’s so good-humoured.

2. She and Kaley make a lovely pair.

1. Despite All This, She’s Just As Dorky In Real Life.

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