20 unknown Facts About Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik 

20 Unknown Facts About Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik 

Is the Big Bang Theory over? The show has 12 seasons, which is a record in the history of television. Many of the show’s stars have been in other comedies, but The Big Bang Theory made them famous. In season 3, Mayim Bialik was a guest star, but in season 4, she was a regular. She has been Dr Amy Farrah Fowler for almost the whole time the show has been on. Mayim was an ideal partner for the nerdy Dr Sheldon Cooper and an excellent foil for Penny’s character.

She went back to acting because the schedule made it easier for her to take care of her kids.

Mayim Bialik works 12–14-hour days, which is difficult with young children. She had children while pursuing her PhD and realised that being a research scientist and a good parent were incompatible. She realised that acting would provide her with a more flexible schedule, so she returned to it. It was a wise decision.

PhD. In Neuroscience

Fans notice that, even though she plays a character with a degree in neurobiology, Bialik has a doctorate in the field.

She is deeply religious.

She appeared in Michael Jackson’s music video.

Michael Jackson chose her to appear in one of his videos in 1989. Her appearance is fleeting—you can only see her dancing and jumping for a few seconds—but it’s an impressive experience to have on your resume.

Now that I’m single,

She is a Certified Lactation Counselor.

She goes all in when she’s passionate about something, as she did with her lactation counsellor certification.

Johnny Galecki’s first kiss

Even for seasoned actors, kissing on-screen can be awkward. When Bialik was a teenager, she had her first kiss on screen with Johnny Galecki.


She suffered from depression.

She is a multi-instrumentalist.

Her name in Hebrew means ‘water.’

Both Harvard and Yale accepted her.

While staying close to Hollywood, Bialik achieved her undergraduate and PhD degrees at UCLA. She could have relocated across the country to pursue other opportunities. Fans are aware that she was accepted to Harvard and Yale.

Mayim Bialik With her Two children

Her first role was as Pumpkinhead.

Bialik’s work in the entertainment industry has primarily been in comedy. Her first role, however, was in the horror film Pumpkinhead.

Grok Nation is an online community she founded.

She has authored several books.

Girling Up and Boying Up are her books for younger readers. Discussing how bodies change during puberty and teen years combines her creativity and love of science.

Bialik is a founding member of a Jewish animal rights organization.

She considers herself a feminist.

Mayim Bialik spent five seasons on Blossom.

She has over 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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