24 Images Of Kaley Cuoco Jet-Setting Around The World That’d Make Leonard Jealous

Fans can’t get enough of the super adorable Kaley Cuoco. Her success on The Big Bang Theory proves that Cuoco’s got plenty of talent and staying power. While the show will end its final season soon, the actress will move on to new roles and exciting adventures.

24. Australian Adventure

23. Nice Times In New Zealand

22. “Down Under” Fun

21. Daring In Disneyland

20. Beauty And The Beach

19. Poolside Princess

18. Chillin’ In Los Cabos

17. Cuties At The Veuve Clicquot Classic

16. Horsing Around

15. Minnie And Mickey

14. Caribbean Queen

13. The Big Apple Awaits

12. Checking Out In Style

11. Aggravated At The Airport

10. Venice Beach Valet

9. Bundled Up By The Beach

8. Pups In The Pool

7. Ponies And Ponytails

6. Elegant For The Evening

5. Tired From Traveling

4. Countryside Cutie

3. High Style At The Hotel

2. Dining Out Looking Dapper

1. Sippin’ On The Sand

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