8 Hidden Things Fans Missed In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, one of TV’s most famous sitcoms, is filled with easter eggs and nuggets. The show’s primary characters are all geniuses and huge geeks, and the producers embrace nerd culture. Comics and science fiction are frequently referenced. Some are clear, but others aren’t.

Sheldon’s Tees

Sheldon wears solid-colored T-shirts with comic or sci-fi logos. His favorite clothing is red, although he also wears orange, green, yellow, and blue. Sheldon’s simplistic style has a more profound significance. Each color in Green Lantern comics represents a mood. Green represents courage, yellow fear, blue hope, and red fury. Sheldon’s shirt color indicates his mood. Because he’s often frustrated by the less intellectual individuals around him, the red shirt is the most popular.

Always the same

This exhibition takes predictable clothing to a new level. The show’s geeks wear the same outfits. Sheldon wears a T-shirt over a long-sleeve shirt. Leonard wears a hoodie, and Raj loves the shirt-under-sweater style. Howard always wears a turtleneck or dickie. Amy, a nerd like the other girls, always wears a sweater and skirt, albeit she mixes it up more than the guys. This is like cartoons, where characters always wear the same outfits. This may be a tribute. Or sartorial laziness.


Wil Wheaton plays himself in a recurrent role on the show. Sheldon, who once admired him, now hates him. Sheldon fights Wheaton in one episode after he is nasty to Amy. Wheaton’s house number is 1701, which references the Star Trek USS Enterprise. Wheaton played Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sheldon visits Amy’s flat, numbered 314, a reference to Pi. Sheldon’s family all live in homes with significant numbers.

Changed Bernadette’s Voice

Bernadette, Howard’s tiny, feisty wife, has a distinct voice. She speaks in a high octave, like a mouse. She didn’t have it when she initially appeared, but it’s now one of her key traits. Melissa Rauch’s voice changed throughout time. Behind the scenes, that makes sense, but shouldn’t the show’s characters be terrified?

The number 73

Sheldon has odd tastes. He likes 73. He explained why it’s a significant number, citing that it’s a prime number, its inverse is a prime number, and other mathematical reasoning that went over our heads. Also, Sheldon’s actor, Jim Parsons, was born in 1973. Sheldon couldn’t learn this without shattering dimensions.

Toys Howard

Each geek is unique. Sheldon is socially inept yet clever, Raj lacks confidence with women, Leonard wants to be loved, and Howard is a perv. Howard remains the group’s hound dog even after marrying. He’s always horny, but it’s deeper than you think. Howard’s mom’s bedroom is a man-boy shrine. The Playboy house looks like a comic book store. Like other nerds, Howard has comic books and science fiction paraphernalia in his room. Close inspection reveals solely female characters. This stalker can’t even collect toys without getting horny.

Attracts opposites

Leonard chasing Penny drove the early seasons’ narrative. Given how different they are, their relationship has always been problematic. Leonard is a theoretical physicist at a renowned institution, and Penny is a pharmaceutical salesperson. He’s bashful and nerdy; she’s fantastic. Penny doesn’t wear spectacles like Leonard. It may not seem important, but it is. Only Leonard needs glasses. Penny, though, doesn’t wear glasses. To develop a strong relationship, you need opposite but parallel eyewear needs.

Why Penny?

Do you know Penny’s last name? You probably replied “no” unless you’re a superfan. According to the makers, her complete name will never be known. Not intentionally, though. When people noticed, it was too late. The show’s creators say revealing the name now wouldn’t be satisfying, so they won’t. In an interview before the ninth season, the show’s creator disclosed her surname as Barrington. Official until it happens on-screen. These are tight continuity rules. Penny’s last name remains a mystery.

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