According To Ranker, The 10 Best Sitcoms From The 2000s

Whether it was The Big Bang Theory or The Office, the comedy format had a great decade in the 2000s. Many new sitcoms are available, but television still relies on shows like Young Sheldon and How I Met Your Father, which was popular in the 2000s. The sitcoms of the era had a unique quality. Ranker asked, “Which TV show is the best?” The results were fascinating. In television humor in the 2000s, audiences were spoiled for choice with shows like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Modern Family, and more.

Some rankings may have changed since this article was published because Ranker lists are live and constantly updated.

South Park

Although South Park debuted in 1997, the decade’s cultural and political climate provided the backdrop for some flagrant irreverence in the show. South Park stands out among animated sitcoms for its willingness to tackle the most difficult subjects. The show is still on the air, giving it an unfair advantage in the battle for new viewers, but its Ranker popularity is no surprise. Aside from that, it’s complete with great gags and amusing characters. Even if Cartman, Kenny, and the rest of the gang aren’t the most endearing characters created for a sitcom, they still manage to make every screen time worth watching.

Malcom In The Middle

It’s astonishing that a show that began in the early 2000s and ran only until 2006 is still so popular with Ranker’s TV viewers, given that it competes with shows that extended far into the late 2000s and beyond. It’s also worth noting that Malcolm in the Middle isn’t like any other television show. Malcolm in the Middle, starring Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame and Jane Kaczmarek, is a show full of originality about a dysfunctional family. Everything about this show stands out in the world of sitcoms, and it’s still a jewel, from its unconventional concept to how the episodes are shot.

Family Guy

The Family Guy’s wacky plotlines, many cutaways, and self-aware humor set it different from the very 1990s The Simpsons, even though it was created in the 1990s. Family Guy will always be a hit thanks to Seth MacFarlane’s creative genius and one of the most memorable opening sequences on television. Despite these doubts, its long-term popularity is the best evidence that it might break out of The Simpsons’ influence and become its program. Despite its more straightforward structure, family Guy has maintained a devoted following well into the 21st century.


A hospital may seem like an unlikely setting for a sitcom, but Scrubs has grown into more than just a niche medical comedy owing to a cast of unique characters. Something about each Scrubs character, from JD’s introspective thoughts to Dr. Cox’s amusing ranting, makes the show so enjoyable to watch. As a high-stress and high-stakes workplace, Scrubs had to deal with various unique difficulties, from the stress of having to get everything perfect for patients to the occasionally strained interpersonal relationships of the employees. Scrubs is so popular with fans that it’s not out of the question that the show will return.

Modern Family

Modern Family has a more modern feel than other 2000s sitcoms because it premiered in 2009 and won’t end until 2020. The Modern Family set the tone for many of the clever sitcoms of the 2010s with its quirky, imaginative, and often hilarious set-piece comedy. Aside from being a little dated in terms of style, it was a tremendous hit from the start, and audiences were already open to the show’s class at its release. Of course, the show’s popularity has only risen over the years, so plenty of fans were eager to see it in the company of the best sitcoms.

The Big Bang Theory

The key characters from The Big Bang Theory are shown in this promotional illustration. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady’s sitcom is about a nerdy group of friends. And their new neighbor is almost guaranteed to be a hit. But even they couldn’t have predicted how popular it would be. The Big Bang Theory is one of the decade’s most significant sensations. Spawning some of the funniest characters and making stars of its cast. The success of the spin-off Young Sheldon means that although the show. And one of its best characters has now been in the public consciousness for a few years. Its popularity hasn’t waned.


Every other sitcom aspired to emulate Friends, which debuted in 1994 and dominated the 2000s. When it came to Friends’ hilarity, it was found in the interactions between its distinct characters, not in the show’s simple premise. An understatement would be “distinctive.” With their distinct charms and senses of humor, the main characters of Friends have all become recognizable as personality types in their own right. Despite its age, fans of what was once the world’s most popular sitcom have not faded, and they accounted for a sizable portion of the votes on Ranker.

Parks And Recreation

Sitcoms like this are about a bureaucrat who works hard in a small government. Department isn’t as universally appealing as some other sitcoms. Despite this, Parks and Recreation quickly became a fan favorite when it debuted in 2009. While Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope is the program’s star. The show’s supporting cast, includes Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman, and the unexpected movie star Chris Pratt. That is what makes the show so enjoyable to watch. Always one to go above and above the call of duty, the show’s devoted supporters rallied around it throughout its final season.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother, which debuted in 2005, may nearly be considered the definitive post-Friends sitcom. There are several reasons for this. Including the show’s core premise that Ted Mosby is telling his kids a narrative all the way through. Although it has some of the same group dynamics as the original show. It also does many things differently to captivate a new generation of sitcom viewers. If you were expecting a straightforward rom-com, you had disappointed. Ted’s story has so many twists and turns and detours. That it’s bound to irritate his kids as much as it does its primary audience. Many people were reminded of how amazing the original show was by the new spin-off, How I Met Your Father.

The Office

The Office is a sitcom about the odd work environment. At the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, is a classic 2000s show. After a rocky start due to its attempts to mimic the British show too closely. In later seasons, the show found its footing thanks to the chemistry between Jim and Pam. Who brought a new level of pleasure to the show. Netflix’s recent addition to the show has given it a new lease on life. The Office’s memorable character moments. And funny running jokes had still discussed and referenced today. Thanks to the show’s steady improvement in the late 2000s. Still, the show had already achieved enormous popularity and widespread acclaim long before that among reviewers and fans.

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