The Big Bang Theory's Penny Scene Gone Too Far

According to Reddit This Penny scene went too far in The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco played the role of Penny on “The Big Bang Theory” for 12 years. The whole series is based on how she fits into the lives of the show’s central nerds and how she lives up to and breaks blonde stereotypes.

Penny creates her debut in the pilot as the beautiful girl who moves in next door to Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki). The latter falls for a Cheesecake Factory server who wants to be an actress. In the 1st episode of Season 9 (“The Matrimonial Momentum”), a tough Nebraska farm girl who likes wine, shoes, and celebrity gossip more than video games and comic books marries Leonard.

Penny and Leonard’s unlikely romance is the punchline of many jokes, showing that when opposites attract, crazy things happen. Most of “The Big Bang Theory’s” humour comes from Leonard, Sheldon, and their geeky friends, as well as Penny’s silly and flirtatious behaviour. Because Penny and Leonard aren’t a good match, the sitcom has some awkward moments. Fans agree that she mistreats Leonard in Season 7, Episode 12, “The Hesitation Ramification.”

Many people don’t like Penny’s drunken proposal in Season 7.

Penny is cast in an episode of “NCIS” in Season 7, Episode 12, “The Hesitation Ramification.” After her scene is cut, Penny gets drunk and sad. She tells Leonard that she has spent the last ten years in California for nothing. Leonard points out that she already has him, and Penny agrees with him and asks him to marry her. She gets angry when Leonard hesitates, so she returns her proposal and storms out of his apartment. Leonard starts to wonder if he & Penny will ever be together again, and it’s clear that Leonard is heartbroken. Throughout the episode, Penny is mean to Leonard, especially when she thinks he is being mean or criticising her.

Leonard and Penny, as a couple in The Big Bang Theory, weren’t the favourites of many fans.

Penny’s reaction to Leonard’s doubt about accepting her proposal on “The Big Bang Theory” might have gotten more sympathy if fans didn’t already dislike their relationship.

Reddit threads abound about why Leonard should dump Penny. One Reddit thread titled “I Hate Penny” rips the character mercilessly. “She fights Leonard constantly and walks all over him,” wrote u/spolarium. This opinion is not without merit, given Penny’s negative behaviour after Leonard doesn’t marry her. She uses Leonard’s feelings to make herself feel better.

Before Penny proposes, Leonard does. She says no, as you might expect. She responds with frustration and anger in “The Big Bang Theory” Season 5, Episode 23, “The Launch Acceleration” (in part, anyway). According to some fans, She only considers rejection acceptable if she’s the one saying no.


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