The Big Bang Theory: 9 Times Bernadette Was The Intelligent Person In The Room

The Big Bang Theory: 9 Times Bernadette Was The Intelligent Person In The Room

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz was one of The Big Bang Theory’s most underappreciated characters. Many people dismissed her due to her petite stature and cute outfits, but she was much more than her appearance. She was one of the most intelligent characters, just like the leading group of males.

Bernadette reminded Howard of how useless a $5,000 3D printer was.

Bernadette became the breadwinner once Howard and Bernadette married, earning more than he did. Howard didn’t always appreciate that his wife made more money than he did, but he enjoyed the advantages of wealth.

Bernadette Pretended to Laugh to Get Her Way

At the Cheesecake Factory in the seventh season, Amy and Bernadette had an unforgettable scene. When Sheldon learned how to use humor, Amy remarked that it was exhausting. Bernadette advised her that the best way to get through a lousy joke was to pretend to laugh.

Bernadette was astute enough to recognize the potential consequences of being pregnant at work.

Bernadette’s first concern when she was pregnant was her work. She realized how competitive the profession was as a microbiologist who loved her job and that she could lose specific opportunities due to maternity leave, etc… She also didn’t want her coworkers to treat her differently because of the baby.

Bernadette knew how to deal with Sheldon when he was tired.

Sheldon and Bernadette didn’t always get along. She was one of the few who never failed to remind him of how nasty he was to her spouse and that she would not allow it. Bernadette was kind to Sheldon before his personality became irritating to her.

Bernadette had figured out how to reclaim her husband’s parking spot.

Howard was granted Sheldon’s parking spot at work when he was offered a parking space to accommodate his new car. Howard was someone who could genuinely use a vehicle because Sheldon didn’t own one or drive to work. This irritated Sheldon because his parking area was “his spot.” Amy and Bernadette got into a fight as a result of their disagreement.

Bernadette Recognized Mom’s Fatigue

Bernadette and Howard were the only members of the group with children. At the end of the series, Penny and Leonard find out she is pregnant, but viewers never get to witness them become parents.

The Scavenger Hunt

When Raj organized a scavenger hunt for his pals, Bernadette was matched with Leonard. While the show focuses typically on Leonard’s job and intellect, Bernadette’s brightness shone through.

Bernadette Discovered the Source of Howard’s Emotional Outburst

Howard was his mother’s only kid, and he was everything to her. Bernadette despised Howard’s lack of courage in his mother’s face, but she didn’t want to be the one to intervene.

Bernadette’s gaming abilities should not be underestimated.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory know that this doesn’t make sense for Bernadette’s character later on because she has no interest in Howard’s gaming or comic books.

Bernadette received her doctorate promptly.

Everyone in the friend circle had a doctorate except Howard and Penny. Bernadette was the last to receive hers, although she appeared to have worked hard for it.

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