Big Bang Theory Fans Are shocked After Kaley Cuoco Loses Her Cool on TikTok

The Flight Attendant actress is always up for a good laugh. Celebrities frequently share behind-the-scenes footage with their fans in the age of social media. Kaley Cuoco, star of The Flight Attendant, is no exception, and her staff has also joined in on the fun. Earlier this month, on June 14, Brad Goreski, a friend and famous fashion stylist, captured a few TikTok videos of The Big Bang Theory actress getting ready for a red carpet event. While it appeared at first that Kaley was annoyed by his taunting her in front of all of his social media followers, she gradually began to play along. Once Brad posted a second TikTok video, the 8 Simple Rules star began badgering him as he did her.

“Shut up, Brad!” she joked in the makeup-free film. “Who do you think you are, Brad?” Jamie Greenberg, Kaley’s pal and celebrity makeup artist jumped in.

To make matters even funnier, the stylist had to respond to his friend’s jokes with his own Kaley impersonation. “Oh, how am I supposed to get the product out of my hair?” he joked. “It’s a complete mystery. I’m not sure – how about a shower, Kaley?”
We’re completely smitten by the humor that comes with Brad and Kaley’s friendship. “Why don’t you go for a walk? Leave now. Visit Runyon!” Brad responded to Jamie’s teasing by saying, “Jamie, I swear to God.”

People watching the fake dispute later, just like everyone in the video, laughed hysterically at the back-and-forth between the trio. “EVERYONE needs a Jamie,” one fan wrote on Brad’s TikTok video. “When I’m fed up, I’m going to yell ‘GO TO RUNYON,'” another said. “This is my fave celebrity friendship,” said another.

Fans enjoy seeing Kaley and her long-time pal together since they have a lot of love. Her lack of makeup in this series of videos sparked a lot of discussion among her followers.

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