Chuck Lorre Feared The Big Bang Theory Ratings Would Take A Hit After Kaley Cuoco Cut Her Hair Without Permission

Kaley Cuoco Cut Her Hair For An Independent Film During Her Break From The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco’s involvement on the show was a major move, and it also provided the actress with a huge surge in her career as well. However, during the indie film Burning Bodhi, the actress made the bold decision to cut her hair short.

Chuck Lorre Revealed That His Former Shows Took A Hit In The Ratings After A Main Star Altered Their Look

Chuck Lorre confirmed that Kaley Cuoco did not drop and sort of hints prior to the cut. Lorre reveals that had he found out, he would’ve told Cuoco otherwise.

Kaley Cuoco Planned To Justify The New Look Given Penny’s Storyline On The Show

At the very least, Kaley Cuoco was somewhat thinking of the show and how her new hair would make sense. On The Big Bang Theory, Penny was entering a new career as a pharmacuetical rep.

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