Some fans believe that ‘Big Bang Theory’ copied some of ‘Friends’ ideas.

Some  fans believe that ‘Big Bang Theory’ copied some of ‘Friends’ ideas.

Friends and The Big Bang Theory have a lot in common, starting with Penny and Leonard being like Ross and Rachel. Friends on NBC is the one comedy show that shows how the genre is done today. IMDb users chose the comedy made by David Crane and Marta Kaufmann as the second-best sitcom, after Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. Rolling Stone put Friends at number 38 on a similar list of 100 songs. But the analysis showed that the show might have done better if it had been judged as a whole & not just as a sitcom.

Endless List Of Parallels

Friends-Big-Bang-Casts.jpg (740×387)

A drawn-out conversation around the subject surfaced on Reddit about a year ago. With fans digging up a seemingly endless list of parallels between the shows. For starters, both stories are based around a group of socially awkward friends in their 20s, including some with a background in scientific fields. At least this makes sense from a genre point of view since sitcoms usually have the same characters in the same places.

Most Stable Couples

Bernadette-and-Howard-TBBT.jpg (740×495)

Melissa Rauch plays Monica’s Big Bang Theory counterpart, Bernadette Rostenkowski. Simon Helberg plays Howard Wolowitz. As in Friends’ Season 5 wedding. The finale was the first and lasted until the end of the show.

Translated Feelings Into Real Life

Aniston-Schwimmer-Friends-Reunion.jpg (740×416)

Aniston and Schwimmer have admitted that on top of their on-screen romance. They shared crushes for each other in real life. They never dated officially, at least not to any extent that either of them has admitted.

Penny and Rachel had the most romance in their shows. Maybe that’s why their relationships were so rocky. Penny dated six men, including comic store owner Stuart Bloom. Rachel had 14 partners besides Ross.

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