Flight Attendant Star: Kaley Cuoco Or Tom Pelphrey Take Big Relationship Step on Instagram

Fans can’t help but get excited about Kaley Cuoco’s new boyfriend. Even though she hasn’t said anything about her new relationship with Ozark actor Tom Pelphrey in public, it’s clear from the photos. On May 3, the actress from “The Flight Attendant” put up a set of pictures on Instagram. “Life lately: ‘the sun breaks via the clouds, rays of gold slipping into my eyes and heart, rays of yellow to break the grey,'” she wrote as the caption for the nine-photo post.

Even though her poem could directly reference the first picture in the gallery, fans think it’s more about her relationship with Tom, who is in four of the nine images.

Also, the Netflix star posted a photo reveal with Kaley that was just as cute, and he wrote a heartfelt caption for it. He wrote, “It all seems so familiar and possible.” “It’s too simple that the world has so much good, and you don’t know how to get it. And you start to wonder when you got so lost. Then you feel a breeze so warm and ripe that it makes you hope that someone will come who can’t save you but will think you’re worth saving.”

In response to Kaley’s Instagram post, her famous friends were quick to tell her how happy they were for her. Tom also stopped by to send emojis to his girlfriend. I love this for you!!” Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye said. “PURE JOY. My friend, you deserve it all. “Love you so much,” wrote Kaley’s best friend and co-star in Flight Attendant, Zosia Mamet.

Awwww!! You have every right to feel loved, loved, and loved to your very core. “Yay!” said actress Izabella Miko.

Big Bang Theory fans were just as happy for her as everyone else. One fan wrote in the Instagram comments section, “So cute!” “I’m glad you found both love and friends. The most important thing is that. Love what you do, “Added another. “YES!!! I’m so happy for you both! “a different fan added. Since their first Instagram posts, Kaley used Instagram stories on May 10 to show how she spent Mother’s Day weekend through photos. People saw Tom in many images with Kaley and her family, like her sister Briana and Layne’s mother.

In January 2021, Kaley told Karl Cook, who was her husband at the time, that they were getting a divorce. Since then, she’s been clear that she doesn’t want to get married again, even though Kaley’s open to falling in love and having a partner (which she detailed in an interview with Glamour). She told the magazine, “I’d love to be in a long-term relationship or partnership.” “I believe in love because I’ve had great relationships. I know they’re out there somewhere. I like being with someone and being their partner.”

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