Forgotten things About Kaley Cuoco's Past

Forgotten things About Kaley Cuoco’s Past

Kaley Christine Cuoco is an American actress born in California on November 30th, 1985. Her father, Gary Carmine Cuoco, is a realtor, and her mother, Layne Ann, is a housewife. She began acting when she was a young girl. Before playing Penny on The Big Bang Theory, she grew up in front of the camera.

14. Irregular Schooling In Her Early Years

13. Child Actress

12. Tennis Player

11. Little Ellen

10. Cuoco And Plastic Surgery

9. Doesn’t Eat Meat

8. The Big Bang Theory Actress

7. Leg Injury During Horseback Riding Lesson

6. Her Marriage To Ryan

5. The Big Moth Tattoo

4. Marriage To Karl Cook

3. The Nude Photoshoot

2. A Promising Voice Actor

1. YouTube Web Series Hosting

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