How Kaley Cuoco and Her Sister Influenced Harley Quinn’s Batgirl Bond

Patrick Schumacker, the writer and producer of Harley Quinn, said that Kaley Cuoco and her sister Briana Cuoco affected the bond between Harley and Batgirl. The younger sister of the star of “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Flight Attendant” joined. The DC Comics animated show as “Barbara Gordon” in season 2. The third season of Harley Quinn began on HBO Max on July 28, 2022.

Barbara Gordon is the girl of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino made her, and she first appeared in a comic book in 1967. Eventually, she became Batgirl and fought crime with Batman. Barbara Gordon, played by Briana Cuoco, joined the cast of Harley Quinn in season 2. She helped Harley (Kaley Cuoco), and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) beat the Riddler (Jim Rash) in Gotham City’s chaotic no-land. Barbara soon gets the idea to become Batgirl because of what she saw. Batgirl’s story will continue as Barbara works with her father and the rest of the Batfamily in season 3.

One of the show’s producers has hinted that the cast inspired Batgirl’s relationship with Harley.

Season 3 will show how both of them preserve the city after Batgirl tells her father, Jim Gordon (Christopher Meloni). Who she was to stop him from getting drunker and to encourage him to get better so he could protect Gotham City. Two-Face (Andy Daly) got Gordon to agree to run for mayor when he tricked him into catching the bad guys at Ivy and Kite’s (Matt Man’s Oberg) wedding at the end of season 2. The red-band trailer for season 3 hinted that Gordon would run against the Joker (Alan Tudyk) when a steel pipe kills the current mayor. In the trailer, Barbara works with Batman and his allies, Robin (Jacob Tremblay) and Nightwing (Harvey Guillén). She was also seen working with Harley to take down bad guys, even though Barbara didn’t like Harley’s violence.

Even though the cast of Harley Quinn season 3 will grow. The show also promises to build on its core cast of Gotham City’s most famous and infamous people as Harley and Ivy move into the next stage of their lives together. As Barbara grows as a hero, their team-up in season 3 will show how both of them have changed since they met in season 2. Schumacker said that the relationship between the Kaley Cuoco sisters was a part of why Harley and Barbara became friends. This will make fans curious to see how the animated series will explore the characters.

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