If You Miss Sheldon and Amy, Watch These 10 Episodes From The Big Bang Theory

The romance between two drastically different scientists makes for an intriguing partnership: The Big Bang Theory’s best Sheldon and Amy episodes. With Young Sheldon’s success, it’s evident that The Big Bang Theory’s legacy is rooted in characters like Sheldon Cooper. The equally distinctive Amy Farrah Fowler enters Sheldon’s life for the first time in season 3 of The Big Bang Theory, signaling the start of a lovely relationship that fans get to watch both parties grow in.

It’s fascinating to witness two emotionally distant characters learn the ins and outs of romantic involvement. Some fans may miss seeing the two oddball characters go through their first steps as a couple. Fortunately, HBO Max has every episode of The Big Bang Theory available to stream, including the best re-watches for Shamy fans.

The Lunar Excitation

It all started with the season 3 finale. Raj and Howard convince Sheldon to join a dating app, which, to their surprise, finds a suitable match for the theoretical physicist. To soothe his buddies, Sheldon and Amy, to appease her mother, agree to meet at a coffee shop. Nobody could have expected the love story between the two stern scientists. The date may have started as a simple attempt to appease the people in their lives, but Shamy fans who re-watch the show know that it quickly transforms into something much more. It’s bittersweet to reflect on the beginnings of television’s oddest couple.

The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

Amy discovers that her relationship with Sheldon is not going anywhere anytime soon in this season 5 episode. She agrees to a date with Stuart after noticing that he is interested in her. For admirers of the couple, the moment they become exclusive is a watershed event. Stuart taking Amy out is the spark that motivates Sheldon to ask Amy to be his girlfriend. It’s particularly entertaining to watch Amy come to terms with her self-worth, causing Sheldon to improve his game to be with her. That is just one example of Amy’s growth throughout the series.

The Tangible Affection Proof

Season 6’s sixteenth episode is a Valentine’s Day special, which naturally leads to some mushy gift-giving between the two. After considerable deliberation, Amy decides to stay at home with Sheldon and watch his favorite movies, and Sheldon names Amy as his emergency contact. Fans of The Big Bang Theory can reminisce about this lovely moment and the comedic ones that followed, such as the university contacting Amy for all of Sheldon’s irrational wants. While it may not be everyone’s ideal Valentine’s Day present, Amy is ecstatic that Sheldon has added her to his emergency contact list. It indicates a level of trust and dedication that the scientist often lacks.

The Love Spell Potential

A co-ed game of Dungeons and Dragons leads to a discussion of intimacy between Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory’s season six finale and then to a very private and passionate game between their two characters. To others, the thought of two Dungeons & Dragons characters having sex as a significant step forward in their relationship may seem absurd, but it means a lot to Amy and Sheldon. Sheldon even responds to Amy’s concerns about not having a physical relationship with her beforehand, claiming that he hasn’t ruled out closeness with her. That is a good episode for people who want a satisfying dose of Shamy establishing their footing, as amusing as it is.

The Locomotive Manipulation

Season 7’s fifteenth episode depicts another Valentine’s Day between the couples. Amy gets her lover to enjoy it this time by planning a romantic meal on a train. When Sheldon befriends another train enthusiast and ignores Amy for the entire night, things don’t go as planned—until he drags her into a playful kiss that they both enjoy. Amy and Sheldon’s relationship has been far from physical up to this series. That is their first kiss, and viewers can tell that Sheldon is surprised by how much he likes it. Without including their first kiss, which is the first clue to Sheldon’s readiness to explore a physical romance with Amy, re-watching all of the finest Shamy episodes would be pointless.

The Prom Equivalency

Sheldon feels pressured to sleep with Amy after the girls decide to re-do prom in the eighth episode of season 8. He is unprepared for this, and he flees when he realizes how lovely she is. Amy tries to tell him she loves him after they patch things up, but he beats her to it. “I love you, too,” is one of Sheldon’s quotes that prove he is the best boyfriend. In this legendary Shamy episode, both Amy and the viewer can sense his sincerity when he says it. Of course, he follows up with a remark about how he used to think love was a brain parasite, but it’s all part of the Sheldon-y charm that Amy and fans like.

The Opening Night Excitation

Sheldon decides to consummate his relationship with Amy in the eleventh episode of season nine. Amy is thrilled when the neurobiologist chooses to offer her the gift of intimacy for her birthday. Long-time fans may have doubted Sheldon’s readiness for ‘coitus,’ as he refers to it. Nonetheless, he decides to sleep with Amy on his own. Sheldon calms Amy’s anxieties by telling her they’ll walk into this uncharted region together, making it a fantastic re-watch for viewers who want their emotions tugged.

The Long Distance Dissonance

The Big Bang Theory’s season ten finale is one of the show’s best, and for a good reason. While Amy is in New Jersey, Dr. Nowitzki flirts with Sheldon, causing wrath among his friends and jealousy among Amy. Sheldon jumps on a plane to the east coast after Dr. Nowitzki surprises him with a kiss and shows up at Amy’s door on one knee with a ring. Sheldon’s realization that Amy is the only woman he ever wants to kiss is a lovely aspect of Sheldon Cooper’s journey to love. To add to the nostalgia of the story, he brings out the ring he wanted to propose to Amy with seasons before she decided they needed a break. This episode ends on a cliffhanger, but viewers in the streaming era are fortunate that the next installment is simply a click away.

The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Season 11 concludes with a wedding between two loves whom the audience has watched grow closer since season 3. Minutes before, Amy walks down the aisle, and a crooked bow tie leads to discovering a new scientific theory. Amy has grown to appreciate romance. And recognize what she deserves, while Sheldon has become more affectionate and open-minded due to her. It’s more than satisfying to watch them ultimately tie the knot. It’s much more pleasant to re-watch knowing that the day. When they marry is also the day they come up with the brilliant idea to earn them the Nobel Prize. Furthermore, Jim Parsons’ emotional honesty throughout the wedding vows is part of what makes his Emmy-winning performance on The Big Bang Theory the best.

The Stockholm Syndrome

Of course, the incredibly emotional series finale is one of Sheldon and Amy’s favorite episodes. They fly their pals out to see them receive the Nobel Prize. And despite Sheldon’s usual obstinacy, everyone makes it to the ceremony in time to listen to the heartfelt speeches. It’s incredible to follow the two scientists’ journey from the dating app to the Nobel Prize stage. This final episode demonstrates the amazing things their brains can accomplish when they decide to rely on one another. They were never a hindrance to their scientific job, as they had dreaded. Instead, they complimented each other, as this episode serves as a last reminder.

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