In Big Bang Theory:10 Best Characters, According To Ranker

The Big Bang Theory has complete with amusing characters, from Howard to Penny. However, according to Ranker, some are more popular with fans. Fans of The Big Bang Theory still have plenty of information to enjoy two years after the show ended. Young Sheldon, the spinoff, is doing well, and there’s even more cause to be happy now that actress Kaley Cuoco has disclosed that a book revealing all the behind-the-scenes details will be out in October. Kaley had a terrific run as Penny, but where does she rank among the other characters? Many amusing characters came and went throughout the sitcom’s 12 seasons, making it challenging to select the best. Fortunately, Ranker’s fan-voted list makes it easier to spot the absolute popular favorites.

Mrs. Wolowitz

Throughout the length of the sitcom, Deborah “Debbie” Melvina Wolowitz (aka Mrs. Wolowtiz) is never shown to the audience. She always speaks from a separate room instead. Mrs. Wolowitz’s fans are fascinated by the mystery surrounding her appearance. There have been various hints about her appearance, but the show usually keeps viewers guessing. Her habit of screaming and barking orders from afar portrays her as an oppressive but amusing parent. Despite Howard’s displeasure, their awkward interactions always result in hilarious incidents.

Bernadette Rostenkowski

Bernadette earns a Ph.D. in microbiology before landing a job at ZanGen Pharmaceuticals. She eventually marries Howard. Bernadette’s intelligence and conscientiousness are two of her best qualities. As a result, it’s only fair that she’s one of the highest-paid Big Bang Theory characters, receiving “a Boatload of money.” To Howard and her friends, on the other hand, she may be selfish, underhanded, and overbearing. That isn’t inherently bad in the context of the program because the conflict she produces usually keeps things interesting.

Stuart Bloom

The owner of the Pasadena Comic Center is recognized for having an extensive collection of comic books and is close friends with most of the main characters. He is also an excellent artist. Stuart is one of The Big Bang Theory’s most likable minor characters due to his kindness and helpfulness. And, despite feeling sorry for himself for being a failure, his self-assurance has never been shaken. As a result, by dating Amy and Penny, he has provided competition to Howard and Sheldon, resulting in some exciting relationship arcs.

Mary Cooper

Laurie Metcalf plays the Big Bang Theory’s, Mary Cooper. Sheldon’s mother appears on the show only sporadically. She despises his arrogance, so she never hesitates to scold him. Mary comes out as intelligent, compassionate, and caring when she isn’t instructing her son to behave. Her faith always balances out the show’s overabundance of science-related topics. When Mary appears, there is always the expectation that Sheldon will be put in his place; Leonard has even dubbed her “Sheldon’s Kryptonite.”

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy, a Havard alumna, holds a doctorate in Neurobiology. She appears on the sitcom after Raj discovers her on a dating service as the perfect romantic partner for Sheldon. Amy is known for being honest, which often leads to embarrassing situations. She is as egotistical as Sheldon, but she has many more positive attributes than him. Therefore she is the relationship’s constant voice of reason. Her loving and tight friendship with Penny has left a lasting impression on audiences, as the two ladies have exhibited fierce dedication to one another.

Leonard Hofstadter

Johnny Galecki plays the Big Bang Theory’s Leonard Hoftstadter. The experimental physicist at Caltech is a genius, having received his doctorate at the tender age of 24. Leonard frequently highlights the challenge of socially uncomfortable persons who want to be more outgoing. Thanks to his determination to venture outside his comfort zone, he meets Penny, resulting in one of The Big Bang Theory’s best relationships. Leonard also knows how to deal with conflict better than other characters, evidenced by his constant disputes with Sheldon.

Raj Koothrappali

Although he has his apartment, the astrophysicist enjoys spending time with Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard. Despite his initial portrayal as a shy and quiet individual who was hesitant to approach ladies, Raj goes through a significant character development that makes him more confident and friendly. Fans loved watching the plots the two got up to on their nights out and how they always helped each other in their lowest moments, so his connection with Howard sticks out. It’s just a shame that his friends didn’t return his kind nature.


Penny has always wanted to be an actor, but she has had to work other jobs to support herself. Unlike the other primary characters, she had not depicted as well-educated or nerdy. Penny is a naive character that is the polar opposite of the other fan favorites. She appeals to audiences by totally embracing her shortcomings and believes that she is not the most rational of the gang, although she is not. On the other hand, Penny is always confident and content, doing her best to support her pals in their travels and even participating in some of their experiments.

Howard Wolowitz

In The Big Bang Theory, Simon Helberg plays Howard. Howard was another character on the show who went through a huge metamorphosis, beginning as a bachelor and eventually becoming a loving husband and father. Many factors distinguish Howard. He can be pretty funny when he wants to be, usually stepping into discussions with a snappy quip that always gets a chuckle or two. He can also be incredibly stoic, never seeming angry even when subjected to nefarious burns. No matter whether he fails or how many times, he never gives up.

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon takes pleasure in being a child prodigy, having received his doctorate at the age of 16. He had known for sticking to his regimens religiously. As the show’s most intelligent character, Sheldon never has trouble finding humor in his research. He is usually ignorant of his various irritating characteristics, which irritates his pals but makes him an intriguing character to follow. On the one hand, he is rigorous perfectionist, but on the other, he is emotionally immature.

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