Kaley Cuoco and Briana’s Workout Will Make You Sweat

Kaley Cuoco is a gym badass. From tackling viral workout trends like the koala challenge to bringing back classic cardio favourites like jumping rope, there’s nothing she won’t try. Based on videos from her current sweat session, it seems she relies on a fire playlist and the help of Kaley’s younger sister, actress Briana Cuoco.

On Monday, the Cuoco sisters worked out with Kaley’s longtime trainer, Ryan Sorensen. Sorensen posted an Instagram Reel of the trio’s “garage gym” session, tagging Kaley and Briana’s Instagram handles.

In the clip, Kaley throws a medicine ball at Sorensen and catches it when he throws it back. The 35-year-old actress joked that the move is “great for abs, booty, and hitting @ryan Sorensen in the face.” In a separate Instagram Story, she showed herself doing rotational ball slams to target her obliques and writing. If you enjoy that sexy side of ab thing, do this a lot. ”


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You’re missing out on strength and cardio benefits without a medicine ball in your home gym. Using a medicine ball can improve your core stability, coordination, and heart rate, as Kaley does. The JFIT Soft Wall Medicine Ball (from $31, amazon.com) comes in 10 weights and can be used for squats, burpees, crunches, and more. JBM Medicine Ball (from $36, amazon.com) can withstand hard slams. (Extras?) Check out this core-sculpting medicine ball workout.

According to Sorensen, Kaley’s med ball slam works the external obliques with every hit.

For Kaley’s training, Sorensen recommends lots of cardio, light strength work, and functional/athletic movements. Sorensen, who works with Kaley twice a week, says med ball tossing or slamming targets the core, shoulders, and legs. During this training session with Sorensen, Kaley ran on the treadmill and did intervals on the Versaclimber (Buy It, starting at $2,095, versaclimber.com), a vertical climbing machine that uses your hands and feet. He adds that agility and reflex training help her tennis and equestrian skills (two favourite hobbies as the actress).


The pictures of Kaley Cuoco show the naughty side of the good girl.

Kaley’s Instagram Stories will make you sweat just by looking at them. During Sorensen’s Instagram video from Monday, Kaley filmed Briana throwing boxing punches, which Sorensen said targeted the obliques and upper-to-middle back. Kaley also praised her sister Briana on Instagram, who did push-ups while on the Versaclimber. “Look like @bricuoco,” she tweeted. She also used a step platform similar to The Step Original Aerobic Platform (Buy It, $70, amazon.com) to perform side steps to “Without Me” by Eminem. “If you’re an Irish dancer, you’ll like this,” she wrote.

The duo kept each other motivated during the workout. But the throwback hip-hop playlist also helped. Aside from Eminem, they played DMX hits, proving that having a gym buddy and your favourite songs makes for a fun workout. Music makes workouts more bearable, studies show. Friends, trust science.

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