Kaley Cuoco Character Guide: Every Top Role The ‘BBT’ Star Has Taken On

Kaley Cuoco is incredibly popular due to her role as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, but the actress has had a long and diverse career in the entertainment industry. Before landing the iconic role that made her a household name, Cuoco began her acting journey at a young age, appearing in various commercials and small television roles. Her breakthrough came in 2002, when she joined the cast of the hit sitcom 8 Simple Rules, where she showcased her witty sense of humor and charm.

1 Kaley Cuoco As Ava Bartlett In Based On A True Story (2023)

Kaley Cuoco stars as Ava Bartlett in the comedy thriller, Based On A True Story. Ava, a realtor struggling to land the big deals by day and a true crime junkie by night, finds herself caught up in a real-life mystery that blurs the lines between fiction and reality.

2 Kaley Cuoco As Anne In The Man From Toronto (2022)

Kaley Cuoco shines in her role as Anne in The Man From Toronto. With her natural charisma and comedic timing, Cuoco brings a delightful energy to the film. As Anne, she portrays a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to speak her mind.

3 Kaley Cuoco As Sheila In Meet Cute (2022)

In the heartwarming film Meet Cute, Kaley Cuoco portrays Sheila, a character facing inner turmoil and contemplating dark thoughts.

4 Kaley Cuoco As Cassie Bowden In Flight Attendant (2020)

Kaley Cuoco plays the main character, Cassie Bowden, a flight attendant with a seemingly glamorous and carefree lifestyle. However, as the story unfolds, we discover that Cassie’s life is far from perfect.She grapples with alcohol addiction, unresolved trauma, and a series of poor life choices that constantly put her in dangerous situations.

5 Kaley Cuoco As Gretchen Palmer In The Wedding Ringer (2015)

Kaley Cuoco plays the role of Gretchen Palmer, the bride-to-be who is desperately in need of a best man for her upcoming wedding. With no male friends or family members to fill the role, she turns to Jimmy Callahan, played by Kevin Hart, a professional best man-for-hire.

6 Kaley Cuoco As Samantha O’Hare In Hop (2011)

In Tim Hill’s 2011 live-action/animated comedy film Hop, Kaley Cuoco plays the part of Samantha. Samantha is a young woman who stumbles upon a mischievous rabbit named E.B., voiced by Russell Brand.

7 Kaley Cuoco As Penny In Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)

Kaley Cuoco’s most famous role, of course, is Penny in The Big Bang Theory. Throughout the show, Penny’s character experiences a lot of growth and development. She starts off as a struggling actress and waitress and eventually becomes a successful pharmaceutical sales representative.

8 Kaley Cuoco As Allyson In To Be Fat Like Me (2007)

In the movie To Be Fat Like Me, Kaley Cuoco plays the role of Allyson, a popular and slender high school student. However, in order to better understand the struggles of her overweight classmates, Allyson decides to disguise herself as a larger girl for a social experiment.

9 Kaley Cuoco As Amanda In Cougar Club (2007)

Kaley Cuoco portrays Amanda in Cougar Club. Her role in this film is that of a young woman who becomes entangled with a group of older women who seek relationships with younger men. Cuoco’s character, Amanda, navigates the complexities of this unconventional lifestyle while discovering her own desires and boundaries.

10 Kaley Cuoco As Katie In Wasted (2006)

In the movie Wasted, Kaley Cuoco plays the role of a young woman named Katie who is struggling with alcohol addiction. Katie’s life takes a downward spiral as her addiction begins to consume her, putting strain on her relationships and career.

11 Kaley Cuoco As Billie Jenkins In Charmed (2005)

Kaley Cuoco became a part of the final season of Charmed in 2005, portraying the character Billie Jenkins. Initially introduced as a mysterious vigilante, she eventually becomes close to the sisters and receives their guidance.

12 Kaley Cuoco As Bridget Hennessy In 8 Simple Rules (2002-2005)

Kaley Cuoco’s breakout role was in 8 Simple Rules as the daughter, Bridget Hennessey. Kaley’s character was that of a typical teenager who struggled with school, dating, and navigating the ups and downs of adolescence.

13Kaley Cuoco As Maureen McCormick In Growing Up Brady (2000)

Kaley Cuoco plays Maureen McCormick in Growing Up Brady, a biographical television film based on the memoirs of Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady in the iconic sitcom The Brady Bunch. The film explores the behind-the-scenes dynamics and challenges faced by the cast during the show’s production, shedding light on Maureen McCormick’s personal journey as well.

14 Kaley Cuoco As Bonnie Stiles In Ladies Man (1999-2001)

In the 1999 sitcom Ladies Man, Kaley Cuoco plays Bonnie Stiles, the daughter of the main character, Leon Phelps. Bonnie is portrayed as a witty and independent young woman who often finds herself caught in the middle of her father’s outrageous escapades.

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