Kaley Cuoco Finalizes divorce from 2nd husband, Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook divorced almost nine months after they said they were breaking up. Cuoco and the 39-year-old Ozark actor went public last month on social media. Entertainment Tonight found out that Cuoco was legally single on Monday, which is probably good news for her boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey.

Cook, a professional horse rider, and the Flight Attendant star, who had 36 years old, were married for four years. In a joint statement, they said that they were no longer together but that “there is no anger or animosity.”

“We love and respect each other very much, but we’ve realized that our paths are taking us in different directions,” they said. “We’ve shared a lot of our journeys with the public, so even though we’d rather keep this part of our private lives quiet, we wanted to be honest with each other.”

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Cuoco said that being a workaholic has hurt her relationships with other people. Before she met Cook, she had married for 21 months to tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

“I Had to say that I am married to my job. I am, “she told me. “My first love has always been this. I think that’s a hard one to get over. Sometimes, people and things in my life don’t measure up to how I feel about my job. And I have to say that it has held me back in some ways.”

The star of “The Big Bang Theory” added, “This past year has given me the most growth I’ve ever had in my 36 years on Earth. And it has made a big difference in my life. My whole life has changed. And I agree with you. And now I have a different view of things. It’s good to change.”

Cuoco said she was never gotten married again. But she told the magazine that she was open to love.

“I love love. I’m not the type of person who wants to be alone. I need to figure out what’s most important to me and make sure I know I need to keep that relationship alive. Similar to a plant. I sometimes pay too much attention to the whole garden instead of the plant that needs watering. And I know that very well. I want to improve myself and change, “she said.

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