Kaley Cuoco Has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from Holding Her Baby — But She Won’t Let It Stop Her from Hitting the Gym

But now the Based on a True Story actress, 37, says she’s developed carpal tunnel syndrome from holding the tot. She’s had to find new ways to work out, according to a video posted to her trainer Ryan Sorenson’s Instagram account.

“So some of you may know I have this, like, major wrist/hand injury from holding the baby. It’s a very real thing. Google it,” Cuoco said, standing inside a gym where she showed off the stabilizing wrist braces she wore on each hand and she mimicked rocking the baby to sleep.

Carpal tunnel starts as tingling or numbness in the hand or fingers. It’s caused by pressure on the median nerve, which runs from the forearm through the wrist and to the hand, according to the Mayo Clinic. Although it’s commonly associated with computer use, “prolonged or repetitive flexing of the wrist” may cause it.

But as her trainer pointed out in his caption, “Other than laying off her workouts we just adjust and make them more about lower body and core work.”

And Cuoco was ready to give it a shot, saying, “Ryan and I are gonna do it today, and we’re gonna show you that you can still get a workout, even if you are injured.”

The former Big Bang Theory star then headed outside for agility work on an obstacle course set up on the driveway, where she stepped in and out of orange honeycombs placed on the ground.

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