Kaley Cuoco inspired with a spandex rope workout

Kaley Cuoco is working out so hard that she is dripping with sweat. The 36-year-old sitcom star just said she has a new boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey since she and Karl Cook broke up in September 2021. However, her Instagram hasn’t just been about her and Tom Pelphrey. The Rock would probably give her a thumbs-up. Kaley shared some of her workouts with trainer Ryan Sorensen on her stories before the weekend.

Kaley Cuoco wows with a power rope workout.


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The Big Bang Theory star built up her strength and probably burned many calories when she muscled up with a big, heavy rope and posed in a tight outfit to show off her super-toned body. Kaley could puff and pant on the video as she backed up on a gravel area and hit parked cars. She was wearing black spandex leggings. Someone else also jumped rope during the group workout, making Kaley feel like a beast. She wore a light t-shirt and had her blonde hair in a messy bun. Ryan wrote, “Got the crew!” as he filmed his workout club, but he seemed to be paying most attention to his famous client Kaley. Kaley often works out with her sister Briana Cuoco in the garage gym of their $12 million Hidden Hills home.

Kaley has told people about how she works out. Same thing with her body image. When the actress spoke to Shape when she was still playing Penny on BBT, she said:

“My body has changed because I do yoga five times a week. I love being toned and muscular because it’s so attractive and s**y. I have yoga to thank for it all. A place called CorePower Yoga is where I go. I’ll take the Hot Power Fusion class one morning, which is a great way to burn calories. Or I’ll take a Yoga Sculpt class where we make yoga moves while wearing 3-pound weights.” She also said, “In between the poses in the sculpt classes, I do mountain climbers or jumping jacks for 20 seconds, so I also get cardio.”

Pizza is what Kaley Cuoco needs on cheat days.

Cuoco, a big tennis fan and an equestrian, mentioned her favorite sweets. “I have to cheat once a week. “I know that if I’m good all week, I’ll be able to lie by the pool on Sunday, have a drink, and eat pizza,” she said. Cuoco used to eat all the fresh fruit and vegetables that her ex-husband Karl Cook would post on Instagram. Still, it looks like someone else is cooking now.

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