Kaley Cuoco Isn’t Holding Back About “Very Sad” Year After Karl Cook Split

On April 28, Kaley Cuoco appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and discussed her “difficult time” after parting from her husband, Karl Cook. Discover which celebrity BFF came through for her.

This year, Kaley Cuoco has been through some personal turmo@il, and she isn’t ashamed to talk about it.

During the visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show on April 28, Kaley’s voice wobbled as she discussed her latest Glamour cover story, which recounts The Flight Attendant star’s physical and mental turmoil following her divorce from spouse Karl Cook.

“I’m a pretty open person and pleased, and life has usually been very nice. I won’t enjoy moaning. I’,m also so much thankful for it, “Kelly Clarkson has informed Kaley. “Am wanted to state unequivocally that this was not my greatest year. And I’ve been depressed.”

After more than three years of the marriage, Kaley and Karl announced their separation in September. “Despite a profound love and respect for one another. We have realized that our current paths have brought us in divergent ways,” they said in a joint statement to E! News. Kaley has been honest about her hardships on social media since their breakup. While celebrating her 36th birthday, she wrote on Instagram, “Sometimes it’s good not to feel completely okay. I think social media is fantastic for many reasons, but it only displays the good stuff,” Kaley stated. “Looking at someone else’s life and thinking they have it all makes you feel awful.”

Kaley also thanked her Flight Attendant co-star and “best friend” Zosia Mamet for her unwavering support during Season 2 of the popular HBO Max show. She practically lived with me for the last few months of shooting, we just moved in together, and I don’t believe I’d have gotten to work some days without her,” Kaley added. “I never thought I’d have to rely on someone like that before, and I truly did. She was quite helpful to me.”

The actress began to cry as she recalled how Zosia frequently came up on set. Even on her days off, to have lunch with her since she was having “a tough time. She’s the finest,” said Kaley. “I’m incredibly fortunate to have had her.”

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