Kaley Cuoco on how her relationship with the alcohol is altered in her 30s: ‘My tolerance has changed, and I’m FINE with that.’

Yahoo Life’s Deglazed series features people who are passionate about cuisine. Kaley Cuoco doesn’t eat wildly. “When I enjoy something, I’ll eat it for six months,” she says. “All-or-nothing is my personality. I’ll eat something until I can’t anymore.” What turns off Flight Attendant’s actress and producer? Mushrooms.

“I hate the sight of mushrooms,” she says. “Mushrooms insult me. I’m done. I’ll never eat it again if it’s on my plate.”

Cuoco spoke with Yahoo Life as Smirnoff’s “chief summer officer” She wishes to encourage people to have fun this summer. Her favorite Smirnoff product is Red, White, and Berry, but she’s learned how to drink without a hangover.
“The older I grow, the less I like drinking,” she explains. “When you’re younger, hangovers are half the time. I don’t have time for that.”

“Also I love going out with my girls and having a drink of wine or a Smirnoff Ice,” she says. “I don’t like how I feel after drinking too much, so I combine alcoholic drinks with sparkling water. I’m fine with my tolerance changing.”

Cuoco says she eats balanced meals and doesn’t like the label “diet.” She works with a nutritionist to eat well and feel well. “I’ve learned what’s best for me as I’ve gotten older,” she says.

Cuoco eats numerous small meals and stays hydrated to maintain her health. She carries a half-gallon jug. “I do two a day. My goal is to succeed.”
She likes pizza. If pizza were healthy, she’d eat it every day. “It’s tasty and comfortable. It’s worth feeling terrible afterward.”

Cuoco is a pescetarian and loves cooking fish. Cuoco grills it, makes tacos or stir-fries it. She also cooks with lentils and beans. She wasn’t always skilled at creating chili, a current favorite.

When she ate meat, she was delighted to make turkey chili in a slow cooker for her pals. “I put the meat in the slow cooker, but it wasn’t cooking. My girlfriend asked if I’d browned the meat. “What?” I asked.”

“I had to throw it out because I mixed in raw meat,” she says.
As Smirnoff’s summertime guru, how does Cuoco’s perfect BBQ look?

“I’d go to my backyard because I have the best, and I’d never leave,” she says. “I make a killer fruit dish. I’m the queen, so I sprinkle sugar on them to make them gorgeous. I buy the best fruit I can and chop it myself.”

Invited? She has thoughts. She says, “I’d hang out with my sister and dad.” “Including my boyfriend. I have the nicest folks and don’t want to leave my house; therefore, I’d stay there. Because I don’t want to depart, I bring everyone to me.”

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