Kaley Cuoco says Season 2 of ‘The Flight Attendant’ is unlikely (At Least Not Right Now)

It’s possible that the flight attendant just made its last stop. TV Line says that Kaley Cuoco, Rosie Perez, and Griffin Matthews haven’t been officially renewed. But Cuoco’s statement to People.com suggests that the show is over. She told People, “We’ve done two, so I think we’re done. I don’t think I’m alone in that idea; there is interest in making a third season.” I think the plane has landed for me right now, “she continued.

Cuoco was also one of the show’s executive producers, which gives her opinion a lot of weight. But a source from HBO Max told TVLine that “no official decision” has been made about whether or not to cancel or keep the show.

She said that even though she thinks there could be more episodes of The Flight Attendant. She wants the show to have room to grow.

“Some of my favorite TV shows haven’t come back for a while. So I get very excited when a new season starts,” she said. “I want to make sure that the fans are excited. And that we’re not trying too hard.” This season, we’ve done so much,” she said. “We’ve done so much storytelling in the first eight episodes that I’m thinking, “Well, what could we do next?” So, if we go back, we’ll have to think a lot to ensure it’s better than the last two, which is hard to do. “

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