Kaley Cuoco Says She Had To ‘Prove’ She Could Do TV Series The Flight Attendant

Kaley Cuoco has said that she felt she had to ‘prove’ she could take on the lead role in her TV series The Flight Attendant after being typecast as a comedy actress. Talking in a new candid interview.

Kaley serves as an executive producer on The Flight Attendant, where she plays show lead Cassandra Bowden, and it is created by her production company, Yes, Norman. The actress admitted that due to her role in The Big Bang Theory, she knew she would be ‘judged’ at auditions and that she would never have been cast as the dramatic lead in her TV series if she had not created it herself.

Talking to The i, Kaley said: ‘Coming off such a successful show, I knew people were going to judge whatever I did next – not look down on, but question. It was a huge risk. ‘I believe in my heart that no one would have cast me in this part even if I’d given the audition of my life. I felt like I had to prove I could do something else.’

However, despite her initial fears of being ‘judged’ Kaley, who made $1M per episode of The Big Bang Theory, admitted that she has never worried about the misconception of being typecast as the ‘girl next door in a sitcom’.

Kaley has received critical-acclaim for The Flight Attendant with the star and the show both being nominated for a gong at the 2021 Golden Globes. It has also been renewed for a second series.

She missed out on the Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical award to Schitt’s Creek star Catherine O’Hara. Although Kaley insisted that she was ‘thrilled’ and would have voted for Catherine, 67, herself if she was able to.

Kaley admitted that she had to be the ‘example of faith’ for the show but added that it was ‘sad’ as she had to form her own bubble in case she tested positive and halted filming again. Elsewhere during the chat, the actress admitted that she can never ‘compare anything to Big Bang’ as it was such a ‘special situation’.

Kaley added that she would like to do a reunion in the future but the show needs a ‘little bit of a break’ at the moment. The actress starred as Penny in The Big Bang Theory and was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, making 1M per episode. The show ended in 2019 after Sheldon star Jim Parsons decided not to continue.

She told Warner Bros chairman Peter Roth, ‘I think this is my next show,’ and after also delving into the book text he decided to develop show with her, alongside Berlanti Productions head Sarah Schechter.

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