Kaley Cuoco set to star alongside Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson in action-comedy Man From Toronto

Man From Toronto, a new action-comedy from Sony Pictures, will star Kaley Cuoco. Deadline confirmed Wednesday that the 34-year-old actress would be in the movie with Woody Harrelson and comedian Kevin Hart. The film will come out on September 17, 2021.

In March, because of the coronavirus pandemic, Sony stopped making the movie Man From Toronto and replaced Statham with Harrelson.

Deadline says that the movie is about “the world’s deadliest assassin,” who goes by the name “The Man From Toronto”. He meets “New York’s biggest screw-up,” Teddy, by chance.

The chance meeting happens at an Airbnb, and the two strangers must work together for unknown reasons to “save the day.”

Robbie Fox and Jason Blumenthal wrote the script for Man From Toronto. Even though they came up with the story together, Fox wrote the script for the movie.

After the news came out, Cuoco went on Instagram to talk about how excited she was to be a part of the project.

“When things feel uncertain, news like this makes me feel so thankful and happy! Is this a dream?’

Woody?! She went on to say, “I can’t wait to see Kevin Hart again and just sit there while he makes me laugh so much that my face hurts!”

Patrick Hughes, an Australian director known for movies like The Hitman’s Bodyguard and The Expendables 3, will be in charge of the film.

The movie will be made by Blumenthal, Todd Black, and Steve Tisch of Escape Artists. Bill Bannerman will be the film’s executive producer.

Even though there are no updates on when Man From Toronto will start filming again. Cuoco will be in the HBO limited series The Flight Attendant, which will premiere this year on HBO Max.

Cuoco is also listed as a producer for the project based on Chris Bohjalian’s book of the same name.

Kaley plays Cassandra Bowden, a flight attendant who wakes up in her private room in Dubai to search for a dead body next to her.

Bowden is scared and doesn’t want to call the police. So she goes about her job as a flight attendant as if that horrible morning never happened.

Cuoco told People that she chose the role because she “wanted to try something different” after being the TV comedy The Big Bang Theory star for almost ten years.

She said, “I don’t think anyone thinks I can play a dramatic role. But I know I can, so that makes me happy.”

As soon as I get home, the work starts again. We’re putting the show together and editing all this stuff.’ Kaley said, “I used to bury my head in the sand. Do my work, and go home, but that’s not the case anymore.”

Kaley and her husband, Karl Cook, have been holed up in their new mansion in Los Angeles because of COVID-19.

Even though they’d been married for a year and a half, they didn’t move in together until two months ago.

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