Kaley-Cuoco Shares New Info About-Relationship History With Johnny Galecki

The romance between Penny and Leonard on ‘The Big Bang Theory didn’t always end when the camera stopped rolling. Kaley Cuoco is reminding her devoted fans that she and Johnny Galecki also shared something special off-screen.

He was ‘obsessed’ with Kaley Cuoco.

“I was crushing on Galecki so hard when we were filming the pilot. I was obsessed with him even though he had a girlfriend.” Kaley tells Dax, “It was very early on in the show.”

When Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki got their raises together, they freaked out.

“Johnny and I were very close. We were partners in this thing from the starting. She tells Dax, referring to the show’s 12-year run on television. “We were the ones who were like, ‘Can you f*****g believe what is going on?’ We did that together.”

They’re closer than they’ve ever been.

Unlike Penny and Leonard, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki had a romantic ending to their relationship. Even though the two actors are married to different people, Kaley claims they are still close. Despite their split, Kaley still has a soft spot in her heart for Johnny. “Luckily, Johnny Galecki & I came out of it so brilliantly,” she shares. (Lenny stans, there’s still hope!) “We’re closer today than we ever were.”

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