Kaley Cuoco shares poolside swimsuit pics with Tom Pelphrey.

Kaley Cuoco is in the best shape of her life right now, basking in the success of her new show, The Flight Attendant, and the blossoming romance she’s developing with actor Tom Pelphrey.
The actress shared pictures of herself and her boyfriend relaxing by the pool using social media.
A picture of the two putting their tongues out was among the images she shared on her Instagram Stories as they were having fun in the water.

Kaley had her hair in a bun and was wearing a red one-piece bathing suit, while Tom had on a pair of trunks and a baseball cap.

As she kissed him on the cheek. She tweeted a sweet selfie of the two of them embracing on the edge of the pool, with their dogs nearby.

Kaley and the Ozarks star are in a fantastic place after their romance was made public earlier this month.
Their recent trip to their farm to celebrate a friend’s birthday was documented in photos they’ve published on social media.

There were many charming images in this collection. But the one that stood out did not feature any of the animals. But paid homage to the most beloved one.
Kaley Cuoco’s late dog, Norman, is the face of her production company, Yes, Norman Productions.

“This melted my soul,” she wrote beside a GIF that read, “My guys,” in the photo’s caption. When Norman died in January of 2021, he was termed “the entire universe” by his mother in a moving tribute.
Even though Tom and Kaley only started dating a year later. It’s clear that he understands what’s most important to her.

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