Kaley Cuoco shares a rare family Snap, and she looks like her mom

Kaley Cuoco shares a rare family Snap, and she looks like her mom

Even though Kaley Cuoco is on social media all the time, The Big Bang Theory star rarely shows her family Snap. But in a new set of cute photos, the actress shows off herself with her sister and parents. She looks just like her mother.

In the first picture, Kaley was posing with her family while they were all warmly dressed for the night. Kaley and her mother wore masks, but they took them off so they could smile for the camera. In the next three photos, the whole family is eating together. There’s a selfie of the actress and her mom. Then pictures of her sister and dad by themselves. Kaley didn’t add captions to her snaps, but she did use gifs for each member of the family, including one of a note being written that said “Love mom.” The actress from “Flight Attendant” is very private about her family but talks much more about her tough workouts.

Kaley used some mobility sticks to help her balance on a blue exercise ball, which was one of her most impressive things. The actress looked at the camera and said, “This is way harder than it looks… way harder.” She was talking about how hard the workout was. Ryan Sorensen, her trainer, tried to get her to drop the sticks, but she didn’t want to. “Not a…no way,” she said, and then she let go of one of the sticks and used her body and the other stick to stay upright and balanced.

Then Kaley’s trainer told her to let go of the second stick. After she did, she stayed perfectly balanced for a few seconds before gliding away.

Kaley Cuoco Snap with Family

The star also recently uploaded a workout she called “torture” because it had box steps and walk-out push-ups that she did one after the other. In the last exercise, she was tied down and tried to lift one leg while staying balanced on the other. But even though the workout was hard, Kaley still managed to have fun. During one of the sets, she twerked and challenged her friend to a dance-off. She made a joke: “Dance break! The actress said that the music she chose to work out to was good, and she added, “How about my music choices? In my head, I’m a well-known DJ.”

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