Kaley Cuoco’s hair goes up in flames in a terrifying moment on set.

While Kaley Cuoco thought her Italian admirers were pleading for a picture, they were screaming that her hair was on fire. Actress Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory described the horrifying incident when her hair caught fire on set. She grabbed a drink during a break while filming in Rome for her new program, The Flight Attendant. She thought she smelled toast burning until she immediately noticed an odd aroma. Kaley, 34, shared the following with her Instagram followers: “It smells like someone is burning toast. She remarked, “I’m like, ‘It stinks in here. “I see the eyes of one of my girlfriends become large.

I’m thinking, “Is he attacking me?” when this person suddenly appears behind me. She continued by saying that she was being shouted at by Italian people who were chanting “Fuoco,” which is Italian for “fire,” and that her hair was on fire.

However, Kaley, who just got hitched to equestrian Karl Cook, mistook their shouts for “Cuoco.”

“Yes, I’m Miss Cuoco, and yes, do you want a picture?’ goes through my selfish thinking. She said, “I’m thinking they’re saying ‘Cuoco, Cuoco, Cuoco. Yes, of course.

Kaley revealed relief that her hair was tied up and no product was in it and confirmed that she was unharmed.

After the frightening event, she went out for drinks with her pals to help her decompress. The coat survived. My neck made it. And it was a fantastic night,” she added. Mainly ladies, of their hair catching fire, making you wonder, “What a fool, how did she get that close to that? That person, who? Dumb!’ Indeed, I did.

“It was absolutely an event I’ll never forget, and for my cast to see me so lit up was a connecting moment,” she said.

After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory ended last year, but many people have since decided to rewatch the popular sitcom, which featured Jim Parsons and Johny Galecki. Some viewers who saw the episode again became perplexed regarding the show’s timeline and when Leonard and Sheldon first met. It was funny; stuff happens.

The Staircase Implementation from season three features Leonard (Galecki) telling Penny (Cuoco) about his first encounter with Sheldon (Parsons), which he claims occurred in 2003. The couple’s first date is disputed in a later show episode.

As a knowledgeable Reddit member notes, Sheldon recalls the time he and Leonard waited in line for Star Trek. Nemesis premiere for 14 hours in The 21 Second Excitation from season four. But since that film was released in America in 2002, months before Leonard and Sheldon were meant to have met, it was just impossible for that to have happened.

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