Kaley Cuoco's Haircut Transformation from Blonde Ombre to Short Shag

Kaley Cuoco’s Haircut Transformation from Blonde Ombre to Short Shag

The Big Bang Theory fans love Kaley Cuoco’s short pixie haircut. When Kaley Cuoco first appeared, everyone loved her long, golden hair, but she shocked fans with a pixie cut in Season 8 of “The Big Bang Theory.” Others embraced Kaley’s edgy new look, while others disapproved. Kaley told Ellen she’d always wanted to cut her hair and did so while filming “Burning Bodhi.”  Since then, Kaley has worn many hairstyles that highlight her beauty and win our hearts.

1. Blonde Ombre

Kaley Cuoco's Transformation Haircut from Blonde Ombre to Short Shag

Most of you have looked on the internet for Kaley Cuoco hairstyles over the years. She looks great on the red carpet, and simple hairstyles like this messy pony with half-curtain bangs give women all over the world ideas.

2. Layered Platinum Blonde

Kaley Cuoco's Transformation Haircut from Blonde Ombre to Short Shag

Curtain bangs suit. That is for sure. There is no one else like Kaley Cuoco. She can easily pull off a simple wavy hairstyle and rock any look. She chose a platinum blonde hair colour that went well with her fair skin and green eyes, and then she put a few waves in it.

3. Messy Bun

The Big Bang Theory actress has also been seen with hairstyles that start at the forehead and have two thin pieces of hair that cover her cheeks. These are important because they help make a great face shape.

4. Long Wavy Bob

When the press and photographers pay attention to Kaley Cuoco, a classic wavy bob is one of the hairstyles that makes her look so great. This time, she chose a warm sandy blonde hair colour and styled her hair with a flip and some waves.

5. Half Down, Half Up

The way Kaley Cuoco wears her natural hair makes her look innocent and sweet, and we have to point out that she pays attention to detail! The waves look great on the back, and the hair bump gives it height and volume. She is one of the best sources of ideas for women who want to look simple but stylish.

6. Side Swept Bang

Cuoco’s bang is layered and swept to the side. The highlights and lowlights add a lot of character to the style and go well with her green eyes.

7. Kaley Cuoco’s Wild ‘n Wavy

Even though this isn’t Cuoco’s shortest hairstyle, it’s an excellent option for women who want to cut their hair but don’t want to go as short as a pixie. This playful, sexy, face-framing bob is perfect for a night out.

8. Playfully Pink

If you want a style with more edge, try out fun colours. Cuoco’s class is full of waves that give her a carefree, semi-bedhead look perfect for a lazy day.

9. Tousled and Tapered

Kaley Cuoco’s Transformation Haircut from Blonde Ombre to Short Shag

When Kaley Cuoco’s hair reached an “awkward” length, her hairdresser said she cut it shorter. Keeping the back short gives more attention to how long the front hair is. In this style, Cuoco’s roots are left their natural colour, but her bangs are highlighted with a blonde. The bangs have been messed up to add height and volume to the hair, which is a great look for women whose hair is naturally wavy.

10. The Perfect Pixie

10. The Perfect Pixie

This is one of Cuoco’s shorter hairstyles. It brings out her cheekbones and makes her neck look even longer. The layers in this pixie cut give the style so much movement and personality.

11. Sleek Bun with Shaved side

11. Sleek Bun with Shaved side

This sleek high bun with a shaved side is one of Kaley Cuoco’s more daring short hairstyles. Any woman with the confidence to pull it off should try it.

12. Kaley Cuoco’s Haircut is Short and Sleek

Kaley Cuoco's Transformation Haircut from Blonde Ombre to Short Shag

This short, sleek style with a side-swept bang is great for a businesswoman who wants to look professional. The style goes from boring to wonderful because of the subtle layering.

13. Bobs Away

13. Bobs Away

In this style, Cuoco’s face looks great with how her layered bob frames it. The best thing regarding this style is that it can be worn in both a professional and a fun way.

14. Kaley Cuoco’s Punky Pixie Haircut

14. Kaley Cuoco's Punky Pixie

This pixie cut has a bang that is longer than usual, which gives it a cool look. The way the layers are put together provides the style with so much movement, which we love.

15. Shag Short

This shaggy haircut is hard for most women to pull off, but Cuoco does it quickly. This midi bob frames the face and has been messed up to give it a carefree, se*y, and fun look.

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