Kaley Cuoco’s Workout Plan and Tips to Stay Fit

When she can, Kaley tries to eat as healthy as possible. This means eating many fresh fruits, veggies, and seafood weekly. She finds it easy to stick to a schedule, so she eats the same dishes daily and changes up the spices to keep things interesting. Kaley used to start her day with kids’ cereal. It was in her kitchen cupboards. But now, she likes to spread peanut butter on toast. She takes great care to choose peanut butter with less sugar. Carbs give Kaley the boost of energy that she needs, which helps her get ready for her daily workouts. Peanut butter gives her enough plant protein to fuel her muscles and help her run faster.

She will try to find something simple to eat for lunch. Most of the time, this is half of a sandwich or a salad. There is no lean protein in Kaley’s meals. Instead, she eats a lot of vegetables. She is a pescatarian and likes to eat small amounts of fish, like salmon, in her salads or a vegetarian sandwich with lots of greens. Kaley also tries to use whole-grain bread when she can. Kaley’s eating habits have changed a lot in the past few years. She used to eat a lot of junk food daily, even chocolate before bed. She says that getting older is responsible for most of the changes in her. Even though Kaley eats healthy food, that isn’t the only thing that keeps her body in such good shape. She works out because she likes to, and it shows. She also goes to the gym often.

Kaley likes to mix up her workouts, while most famous people only do one or two. She works out in different ways that challenge her body in new ways. Five times a week, Kaley does yoga to help her body change. It’s her favorite way to work out. She likes how yoga has helped her get stronger and more toned. Every day, she goes to CorePower Yoga. She will take classes like Hot Power Fusion and Yoga Sculpt there. You do jump jacks between poses in the Sculpt Class, so she also gets some exercise.

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