Mary Cooper’s 10 Favorite Quotes from The Big Bang Theory

There are plenty of funny lines on The Big Bang Theory. Seldon’s mother, Mary Cooper, is a funny woman who never fails to make you laugh. Hacks, an HBO Max comedy-drama, has been fantastic, and fans will be overjoyed to discover that Laurie Metcalf, a Big Bang Theory alum, has joined the cast. Metcalf is best remembered for portraying Mary Cooper, Sheldon Cooper’s pious mother and the only member of his family to appear on the show physically. Mary is popular among fans since she is the only one who can put Sheldon in his place. And as a deeply spiritual person, her beliefs frequently clash with those of the other characters, who are primarily scientific. Most importantly, Mary is a natural communicator, capable of making witty remarks on the spur of the moment.

She says in response to Sheldon’s refusal to eat.

“I Love The Boy To Death, But He Has Been Difficult Since He Fell Out Of Me At The K-Mart,”

Mary once paid a visit to Sheldon at his apartment, but he refused when she and Leonard invited him to eat the chicken she had made. She continues to bemoan his obstinacy. For the first few episodes, fans aren’t sure if Sheldon’s unpleasant characteristics are acquired or if he was born with them. Due to Mary’s lament, the theoretical physicist’s stubbornness has been confirmed since he was a toddler. Thanks to Mary’s words, fans will also learn another exciting fact about Sheldon: he was born in a K-Mart.

When Sheldon’s Dating Options Are Discovered

“Did You Have More Than One Woman Interested In You?” “Perhaps I prayed a little too much.”

When Sheldon proposes to Amy, Mary admits that she is overjoyed for him since she has been praying for him to find a spouse for a long time. Sheldon claims that God had no say in the matter because he had two possibilities. Mary responds with another fantastic remark. Mary always comes up with a response, no matter how smart Sheldon tries to be. Sheldon thinks the fight will stop once he brags about his dating skills, but Mary manages to turn it into a religious debate. Her comment also qualifies as a sneaky burn because she implies that the average Sheldon would never be able to win the hearts of women so easily.

When she responds to Beverly’s suggestion that she read more books

“I Will Write One When God Writes One.”

In The Big Bang Theory, Beverly debates with Mary about God. Leonard’s mother, Beverly Hofstadter, comments that Mary should try reading anything other than the Bible, proving why she’s one of the funniest Big Bang Theory side characters. Mary, on the other hand, has the appropriate retort. During a disagreement, Mary reminds everyone that “he who is slow to anger is better than the Almighty,” according to the Bible. Mary and Beverly have never gotten along since Mary is a devout Christian and Beverly is a devout atheist. While Beverly is correct in her assessment that Mary quotes the Bible excessively, Mary does not believe this is an issue. She believes that God’s word is the only one that matters, and she will read it if He writes something else.

When she expresses her gratitude to Leonard for not having more intelligent children.

“The Lord never gives us more than we can handle. ” He did, however, provide me with two more children who are as dumb as soup.”

In The Big Bang Theory, Mary and Leonard discuss Sheldon. Mary admits to Leonard during a conversation that she’s pleased she doesn’t have another child as bright as Sheldon. That would have been a parenting nightmare otherwise. Sheldon’s high IQ is one of the main reasons for his arrogance and stubbornness. While Mary admires his intelligence and accomplishment, she is relieved that the rest of her children aren’t like him since she wouldn’t want to deal with three arrogant people. And, as is customary, she makes a point of thanking God.

She says when she chastises Sheldon for disobeying an order.

“I’m sorry. Did I Start That Sentence With The Words, “If It Pleases Your Highness?”

In The Big Bang Theory, Mary tells Sheldon to apologize to his boss. Mary tells Sheldon that he needs to apologize to his boss after learning of their feud. When Sheldon refuses, she starts yelling at him. Mary always manages to shrink Sheldon because she follows a strict no-negotiation policy. As a mom, whatever she says is final. Mary tells him that “No” was never an option for him. She wants him to apologize to his boss, and he’ll do it regardless of how he feels.

She tells Sheldon about why people cry during weddings.

“They’re Practicing For What’s Coming Later,”

The Big Bang Theory’s Mary makes a wedding joke. Sheldon asks Mary why people often feel the need to cry during Leonard and Penny’s second wedding, which is undoubtedly one of The Big Bang Theory’s most beautiful moments. Well. Mary believes it’s because they’re bracing themselves for the challenges ahead. Mary is well-versed in marital issues, having constantly argued with her husband. And, because she never lies, she believes it is okay to pass judgment on marriages based on her own experiences. From a parenting standpoint, that’s a wrong approach because it merely worries Sheldon. Regardless, it’s still a hoot.

She says when she dials down her praise for Sheldon’s father.

“He Once Tried To Fight A Bobcat For Some Licorice,” 

The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard, Sheldon, Beverly, and Mary sit in the living room. Mary reminisces about Sheldon’s father, George, while visiting him. She says something stupid George did once, realizing she has made him look too friendly. Sheldon’s friends conclude that he is highly wise due to this. When fans visualize George fighting a bobcat, they can’t help but giggle. However, given the rarity of licorices, he may be forgiven for his acts. Mary believes it is necessary to depict George negatively because she is still unhappy with the way their marriage has turned out. On the other hand, Mary did not believe his actions were justified.

She dismisses Sheldon’s worries about bacon grease.

“Doctors Change Their Minds All the Time.” Bacon Grease Is Bad For You After One Week. We’re Not Getting Enough Of It Next Week.”

In The Big Bang Theory, Mary prepares a meal for Sheldon. When Mary informs Leonard that she uses bacon fat in everything, he asks whether she’s concerned about her health, but Mary swiftly responds with this phrase, indicating her skepticism of the Doctor’s claims. Either that, or she’s unconcerned because of how much better the bacon grease makes everything taste. As a result, she’d instead do what she wants and deal with the consequences afterward if they arise. Her approach is opposed to Sheldon’s meticulousness in everything he does.

When She Makes Comparisons To Sheldon

“He has my eyes.” Oh, all of that science stuff comes from Jesus.”

In The Big Bang Theory, Mary relates anecdotes about Sheldon. Mary reasoned that the only thing she and Sheldon have in common is their eyes. She also mentions that his temperament is similar to his father’s. It’s all God’s effort when it comes to science’s love. Then there was Sheldon. Science and religion don’t always mix well, but Mary feels Sheldon is intelligent because God answered her prayers. She had told a story about how she wished for a child that wasn’t as stupid as George in a prior episode. As a result, she believes there is no other explanation for his intelligence.

When she moans males who do the exact opposite of what they are told

“We’d Still Be Calling Him Edward If I Hadn’t Told My Brother Stumpy Not To Clear Out The Wood Chipper By Hand.”

The Big Bang Theory’s Mary gives Sheldon a scolding. Mary claims that all guys are like that when she complains about Sheldon doing the opposite of what he’s instructed. She then tells how her brother got the nickname Stumpy after injuring himself while manually emptying the wood chipper. Mary compares Sheldon’s obstinacy to that of her brother, who, she feels, would retain his old name and status if she had given him negative instructions. Perhaps if I had told him to clear the wood chipper by hand, he would not have done so and would not have hurt himself.

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