Mayim Bialik talks about why she “probably would have asked for plastic surgery” as a teen.

According to a recent story by The Blast, the child star of the show “Blossom” had stated that if social media were around when she was a teenager, Mayim Bialik most likely would have sought out plastic surgery.

At another point in their conversation, she shared with Justin that she was “so glad there weren’t social media because I already knew all the things I wasn’t invited to, so imagine looking at pictures of it.” She continued to state that she wanted to “disappear.” Because she “felt very unworthy of attention or praise” and wished there hadn’t been social media.

“I’m so glad there weren’t social media because I already knew everything I wasn’t invited to.

She admitted, “I probably would have begged for plastic surgery” if she could return in time. “In many circles, sixteen years old is when most girls get their noses reshaped. I wished I had a different look, which I believe many kids, both boys. And girls go by at some point in their lives. I believe that if social media had been around at the time. That pressure would have gotten to me in a way that could have caused me to say, “I can do it differently.” But I can’t say for sure. Check out this example of someone who did things differently. Have a look at that one!'”

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