Melissa Rauch’s Change From Childhood To The Big Bang Theory

When Melissa Rauch first played Bernadette, Howard’s (Simon Helberg) blind date, on CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” in 2009. It didn’t seem like she’d be back for a second time. It didn’t work out very well for Howard and Bernadette. Howard made crude jokes and asked about her interests, and Bernadette swatted each one away. They started to talk about their meddling mothers in the middle of a meal. Sparks flew, and a role that would come up again was born. When they saw how unattractive Howard had found his perfect match, people were shocked. And Rauch didn’t know about the romance, which would lead to marriage in Season 5. ‘Big Bang’ made her very happy. I was meant to be a one-time guest star!

Rauch cracked up her class – by dropping F-bombs.

The first time Bernadette and Howard went on a car ride, Rauch came up with a character that made her intelligent, cute, and quick-witted. There is one thing fans can’t forget about her: her chirpy voice. Who does that? Rauch’s mother, it seems. My mother sounds a lot like Bernadette, Rauch said. People say she has a high-pitched voice but a New Jersey accent, and I’ve been imitating her ever since I was young.

She had a comedy club-themed bat mitzvah.

As Melissa Rauch got older, she became more interested in performing comedy and getting on stage. She also found more appropriate ways to show off her feelings as a child did a lot of theatres. I went to a theatre camp and did community theatre. She also made up shows in the basement with her brother, Ben. Rauch even had a Bat Mitzvah-themed comedy club as a young girl. Because she was raised Jewish, it made sense for her to have one.

She started with stand-up.

Then Melissa Rauch went to Marymount Manhattan College to learn how to act (via Inside Jersey). There, she met even more great teachers. One person helped her with voice work, so her New Jersey accent wouldn’t be as strong. Others told her how to build on her natural ability to make people.

Rauch worked her a** off.

For extra work, Rauch started writing with a friend from college. Winston Beigel is the other person in the writing duo: “We met our freshman year of college, and we talked about our love of comedy,” she said. “My stand-up show was going on, and he came to see it. We thought we should write some sketches together because we have a lot in common & our favorite thing to do is create each other laugh.” But even though she had a lot of training and worked very hard, her professional career didn’t move forward after finishing college.

Rauch wrote her own success story.

The next thing Melissa Rauch did was start writing her solo shows and stand-up shows. “I did them anywhere that would let me, like burger joints, Laundromats, etc. When I knew that I could do that at night, it made it easier to work at a restaurant all day. “She said this to Inside New Jersey. Is what she said. She was still writing with Beigel, now her boyfriend and soon-to-be husband. They came up with the idea to write a one-woman show together. It started as a not-very-funny story about how hard it was to make it after college. Even though that was the case, they were inspired by Jenna Bush Hager.

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