Night Court Revival Star Explains How TBBT Affected Her Sitcom Transition

Melissa Rauch opens up about how being in The Big Bang Theory for so long affected her sitcom transition on the Night Court revival. The actress joined the nerd-centric sitcom in season 3 and became a mainstay from season 4 until it ended in 2019 playing Bernadette.

Rauch follows up her incredible stint in The Big Bang Theory with another comedy, starring and producing the Night Court revival from NBC.In NBC’s new Night Court, Rauch plays Abby Stone — the daughter of the Honorable Harold T.

Yeah, I think there have been people who really did think I spoke that way, which I honestly love. The “Big Bang” fans have been just so wonderful over the years, and they’re a passionate group that I’m so grateful for. I’ve been getting, “Oh, that’s your voice? I didn’t know she talked like that.”


As a mother, I should have known that I should have weaned everyone off of it, like just maybe started the season like [high pitched voice] “You’re guilty!” And then as the season went on, just made my voice lower and lower until I spoke in this register.

While it may take a while for Rauch to revisit Bernadette and do her voice again, she is open to doing a The Big Bang Theory reunion special, similar to Friends’ HBO Max’s project. Whether that will happen in the near future is uncertain at this point.

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