On ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ this is how Kaley Cuoco became Penny.

It all started with a screen test for Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory, as it does with all jobs. However, as we’ll see, it wasn’t love at first sight, at least not when it came to the character Cuoco was supposed to play, which wasn’t Penny at first. Cuoco recalls her meeting with EW. The latter patiently tried to figure out how to use his new phone. Nonetheless, the sitcom star has fond memories of the experience, sitting in the audition room and spotting none other than Jim Parsons.

“At the audition, I noticed Jim sitting alone, and we were the only two people there.” He was reticent, and he was playing with his BlackBerry. “You don’t know how to work this item, do you?” he said, looking at me. “It was just delivered to me.” He said it charmingly. I thought he’d be perfect for Sheldon Cooper. Charming and innocent.”

Instead, she almost went with a Charmed spin-off.

Cuoco joined the cast of Charmed shortly after the conclusion of 8 Simple Rules, switching roles and genres completely. On the show, she was known as Billie Jenkins, and the producers adored the impact she made.  In an emailed response, co-executive producer Brad Kern said, “Kaley’s character keeps the show young and fresh by challenging the existing stars with a new perspective and new powers.” “With her uncanny sense of wit and charm and strong screen presence, Kaley perfectly complements Alyssa, Holly, and Rose.”

Her First Audition Didn’t Go As Planned.

Kaley would play Katie, a character who was supposed to be the polar opposite of Penny. This character was described as mean and dark. Cuoco admitted that the audition didn’t go as planned. “I had auditioned for the first pilot but was not cast. I was too young, which I enjoy saying because I don’t get to say it very often these days, “she stated. Thankfully, the show’s executives decided that the Katie persona was not a good fit for the show overall.

Cuoco’s Penny Role Was Specifically Created For Her

Kaley eventually got a second read, which led to her being cast as Penny. Her casting was chosen by the show’s producers specifically for the new role. “Chuck called a year later and said, ‘It’s a new character, we want you to come in,'” she explained to Insider about the game-changing moment. It felt so much better than the year before when I read for it. “I suppose it was meant to be.”

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