Questionable Things That We Ignore In The Big Bang Theory

“The Big Bang Theory” was ratings and cultural phenomenon throughout the 12-season run. It has been compared to other iconic sitcoms like “Friends” and “The IT Crowd.” “The Big Bang Theory” centered on many scientists who enjoy intellectual activities and whose lives had flipped upside down when pretty waitress Penny moved in across the hall.

How can Penny afford her apartment?

In the first episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” we meet Penny (Kaley Cuoco) as she moves into the flat next to Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Penny is an ambitious actress who supports herself by working at the local cheesecake factory. Given her precarious financial situation, how can Penny afford her apartment without a roommate to share the expense with? “Frankly, if I could afford to live here myself,” Sheldon says to Leonard about being roommates in one episode.

Howard was a predator.

Fans who began watching “The Big Bang Theory” after Howard (Simon Helberg) married Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) may be unaware of how creepy Howard was before he married the love of his life. Howard was essentially a predator in the early seasons, and Penny was frequently the unfortunate object of his unwanted attentions. Howard asked Penny if she would have answered the door if she knew he was standing outside, one of the terrifying throwaway jokes from the beginning of the program.

Raj was bullied and mocked over his culture and everything else.

“The Big Bang Theory” was a show that focused on producing stereotype-related gags. Raj (Kunal Nayyar)had frequently mocked because of his Indian origin as the show’s only non-white main character. Many jokes about Raj hailing from a poor and overpopulated country where animals are thought to be “magic,” and a Hindu goddess is depicted as a “blue chick with a hundred arms.”

Penny’s constant put-downs of Leonard

“The Big Bang Theory” was mainly about Leonard Hofstadter desperately attempting to date Penny until Jim Parsons made Sheldon the show’s star. After several false starts and stops, Leonard and Penny finally marry the knot and move in together. However, this was not the happily-ever-after situation that supporters had hoped for.

Treating women like aliens

The inclusion of Amy and Bernadette to the main cast in later seasons of “The Big Bang Theory.” It offered us strong female characters and stories. But this emphasizes how the show’s early seasons were only concerned with portraying women as the mysterious “other,” almost as aliens.

The basic idea on which the sitcom was based was the main four male protagonists’ ineptitude in social situations, mainly when it came to women. When it comes to females, Howard acts as a thirsty creep. Raj is unable to converse with them without becoming inebriated. Sheldon has no desire to communicate with them. And Leonard, the group’s most “normal” member, cannot ask Penny or any other attractive lady out because of a terrible inferiority problem.

Looking down on less educated people

In “The Big Bang Theory,” all four primary male characters are brilliant. Three of them have PhDs, and the fact that Howard only has a master’s degree from M.I.T. is frequently mocked, especially by Sheldon.

If the other three mock Howard for not having a Ph.D., they treat other less-qualified pals even worse. Penny’s relationship with Leonard is frequently strained by her belief that she is not intelligent enough to keep up with him. Leonard seemed to concur with this judgment, to the point where he was perplexed when Penny suggested that she could get on his level by attending community college.

The mockery of Howard’s mom

Although we never saw Howard’s mother in person, she was a constant presence throughout the show’s early seasons. Unfortunately, because of her enormous size and her toxic relationship with Howard, she was frequently the brunt of jokes. Howard was the one who was always the first to make fun of his mother in front of his peers. From, “Do you know who my mum is? “I live in Jewish hell,” to “[My mother] says she’ll go on a hunger strike if I don’t back out.” Still, it would be years before she was in danger.” Howard sneered at his mother based on her appearance, calling her a “mad lady” and lamenting that he had to live with her numerous occasions.

Penny used the guys

Penny was initially positioned as the only voice of reason in a sea of awkward, antisocial geeks on “The Big Bang Theory.” The street-smart, good-hearted simpleton was OK with nerds and even assisted them in opening up to the outside world. But this is far from the truth about Penny’s connection with the males.

Penny is fully aware of her appearance’s impact on Leonard, Raj, and Howard, and she uses it well. She takes the food that the boys order without contributing anything. When she needs anything technical done, she snatches their Wi-Fi and utilizes their brains. Even worse, she forced Leonard to pick up her belongings from her ex-residence boyfriend after only knowing him for a few days, resulting in Leonard being bullied by her ex.

Sheldon is just the absolute worst.

Sheldon Cooper would have become the most annoying character in television history if a lesser performer had played him. It’s a tribute to Jim Parsons’ acting ability that he was able to make fans fall in love with Sheldon rather than seeing him as the horrible guy he is. Sheldon has proven himself to be petty, selfish, vengeful, unjust, and heartless from the show’s beginning. He routinely mocks his pals for not being as intelligent as he is. He’s made countless jokes about ladies being on their “period” at their expense. He spoke to the administrator of human resources management, where he works racially insensitively, and he showed his assistant Alex horrific photographs of human genitals against her will.

Leonard’s mother emotionally abuses him.

Leonard Hofstadter grew into one of the most pitiful fictional characters ever created over time. He saw letting Sheldon walk all over him in terms of their living circumstances initially, including doing odd things for Sheldon outside their apartment. Penny took over from Sheldon as the person who regularly ordered Leonard about after they married. Then we meet Leonard’s mother, Beverly, to round out the story (Christine Baranski).

It’s difficult to emphasize how much emotional trauma Beverly inflicted on Leonard since he was a child. She withheld affection, cast a critical eye on everything Leonard attempted, and dismissed his accomplishments. Leonard learns that his mother has been subjecting him to psychological studies since he was a child and has published the results for all to see.

A poor representation of geek culture

“The Big Bang Theory” had frequently cited as an example of a show that successfully mainstreamed geek culture. At the same time, the show contains references to the most arcane aspects of geek culture. It is questionable how it examines those aspects. The entire punch line of the joke had been that these mature men had engaged in something. So “geeky.” Consider the following real-life joke from a previous episode of the show: “A ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired deathmatch on the battleground of Thundercats vs. Transformers decided the fate of Doctor Who’s Tardis.” That’s it. That is the joke—a slew of references to popular science fiction and fantasy series.

Piggybacking on natural disorders for comedy

Although several characters in “The Big Bang Theory” have qualities based on real-life medical conditions, the program rarely references them. Sheldon’s conduct, for example, Had compared to that of someone on the autism spectrum. But the show’s writers have denied that the character is autistic.

Bernadette is also pretty terrible.

Sheldon had openly acknowledged as a rather nasty person. Because he is without pretense and doesn’t try to disguise his genuine nature, on the other hand, Sheldon faces stiff competition in the “biggest douchebag” category from none other than Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). Who is deceptively subtle about being a tremendous bully. Bernie’s bullying tactics came on display when everyone believed she was the epitome of sweetness and fun. She and Howard were supposed to entertain a gathering of children. Bernadette expresses a strong disdain towards children based on her experience as a babysitter. She tells the kids to stop talking and threatens to take away their treats if they don’t.

The male characters should be in jail many times over.

In general, the male characters, particularly Sheldon, have repeatedly stressed being knowledgeable and capable in their careers. However, just because they have the brains to be effective at their occupations does not guarantee they also have ethics. In reality, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are some things. They have done while on the job should land them in jail. For example, Leonard nearly leaked state secrets to a North Korean spy to seduce her into sleeping with him. Or when Leonard, Raj, and Howard blew up their residential building’s elevator. It’s by illegally testing an experimental rocket fuel recipe in a public place.

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