Since the finale of TBBT, here’s what Kaley Cuoco has been up to.

The Big Bang Theory gave the audience a lot of good sitcom memories. Fans and admirers still remember the various characters of the sitcom. One of the explanations for the show was so good was Kaley Cuoco. Penny was a stunning, intelligent, and tenacious young lady. As played by Kaley Cuoco, Penny was a character that we all enjoyed watching in the episodes.

14. An Upcoming Thriller, The Flight Attendant

Recently, Kaley signed on for a drama series, The Flight Attendant. It’s a thriller with a plot that roped in the star. The fans are definitely in for a treat from one of their favorites. Kaley will branch out with this new series. The series is based on a novel by Chris Bohjalian.

13. The Couple Who Loves Animals Stays Together

Apart from being professionally busy, Kaley and her husband seem to be parents to many four-legged fur babies. It is no easy job to take care of so many animals, but it’s a labor of love. Kaley also fights for animal rights and provides shelter to animals. She seems to be had her hands full with these pets, as fans can gather from her Instagram updates.

12. The Charming Voice Of Harley Quinn

DC Comics found the authentic voice of Harley Quinn and Kaley Cuoco’s voice. She is perfect for this role. She is always working on a variety of projects.

11. The Highest-Paid TV Actress Of 2018

A 2018 Forbes list declared Kaley Cuoco one of the highest-paid TV actresses. Her various projects pay very well. She earns money from acting and brand endorsements, YouTube, podcasts, and other ventures. Kaley juggles many things, and viewers cannot get enough of her.

10. Launching Her Production Company

Norman Productions is one of the biggest reasons for her many projects in the entertainment industry. It is her own production company, and she uses it to get involved with franchises.

9. The Great Travel Hack By Kaley Cuoco

Apart from the other projects we talked about, we have The Great Travel Hack. It’s a social media series started by Kaley Cuoco. It features travel stories and mindful insights from Cuoco regarding her travel history. Including her vacations with family. It is a different take from the woman who pursued the role of Penny.

8. Appearances On Entertainment Shows

Kaley has also appeared on various entertainment shows, including Comedy Bang Bang, Lip Sync Battle, and Best Worst Weekend Ever. After her long stint on a renowned sitcom, Cuoco has been in the news for her short and entertaining appearances on various other shows.

7. First Venture Of Norman Productions

Norman Productions is a venture which Kaley started three years back. She plans to be an integral part of The Flight Attendant’s next venture. She wished it could be made into films.

6. Love For Ranches And Horses

Fans of Kaley Cuoco are well aware of her fondness for horses. Kaley and Karl Cook (her husband) are both into horses. They love spending time at ranches and riding around on horseback. Riding horses is one of Kaley’s favorite ways to unwind!

5. Future Plans For A Coffee Table Cookbook

A sitcom running for about 13 years and 12 seasons is a huge success, and Big Bang Theory achieved genuinely incredible success. If sources are to be believed, Kaley plans, who was excellent as our beloved Penny, to release a coffee table book. Maybe the cookbook will feature BTS moments from the show!

4. Voice Acting Career

She amused fans by expressing her emotions for Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bratz, or Why Him. It’s always worth tuning into the shows she works on.

3. Safe Haven For Kaley And Karl

8 Simple Rules and Big Bang Theory are the greatest highlights of the career of the gorgeous actress Kaley Cuoco. ‘During the show’s early days, Penny was a household name, and her friendship with Leonard added a lot of romantic tension to the show. Kaley found her real-life Leonard in Karl Cook. Kaley looks very happy with Karl.

2. New Opportunities For The Best TV Actress For Comedy

Various nominations for fave TV comedy actresses over the years mean that Kaley gets respect from her peers. She is switching her genre for this unique role, as she commented in an interview.

1. Work-Life Balance

The million-dollar mansion she recently bought has been one of her new projects that the media is interested in, apart from her production company, which has garnered much attention. Kaley has her dream home and excellent career opportunities.

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