TBBT: 10 Of Sheldon Cooper Most Relatable Moments

Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory is as brilliant as relatable. The majority of Sheldon’s plots revolve around his friends and colleagues being perplexed by his way of life or the things he says. Nonetheless, he has relatable moments woven throughout his brilliant ones.

10. His Aversion to Germs

Sheldon Cooper is disturbing in ‘The Pancake Batter Anomaly’ when Penny mentions that the family she just traveled to in Nebraska was all sick with the flu. Sheldon became wary of Penny and panicked at the prospect of becoming ill.

9. His Problems With Closure

Amy realizes Sheldon has a massive issue with closure in ‘The Closure Alternative,’ and she tries to get help with it. On the other hand, Sheldon was uninterested and didn’t want to confront a difficult-to-manage trait.

8. His Addiction to “Nerdy” Franchises

Sheldon’s best scenes are when he nerds out over his favorite franchise, show, game, and character. The gang is crazy about comic books and any related to the characters in them.

7. His Problems with His Brother and Tam

Fans of The Big Bang Theory adore Sheldon’s relationship with his super religious mother in Texas because they are so dissimilar. The two couldn’t be more distinct, but their love for one another outweighs their disparate interests and perspectives.

6. His Anger At Amy and The Awkwardness In A Friend Group

Amy or Sheldon’s relationship timeline on The Big Bang Theory was complicated because their friends didn’t know what to think of them. Amy craved physical intimacy, whereas Sheldon feared it.

5. When You Have Your First Cup of Coffee

Penny and Sheldon had some of The Big Bang Theory’s best moments. Like Sheldon and his mother, Sheldon and Penny were opposites only with one thing in common: Leonard.

4. It Can Be Difficult To Say Goodbye To A Long-Term Roommate.

Leonard and Sheldon are coercing into shopping with Penny and Amy in ‘The Space Probe Disintegration.’ Sheldon and Leonard began talking about their lives as roommates, so all of their sacrifices benefit the other person while waiting for the women in the changing rooms.

3. His Envy Towards A Colleague

Aside from the main cast, there was a solid supporting cast on TBBT. The two main ones were Bert Kibbler & Barry Kripke. Sheldon tried to ignore his colleagues at Caltech because he felt his work was superior to theirs. But everything changed when Bert received a grant for his research.

2. His Impossibility to Lie

Sheldon’s inability to lie is one of his best qualities. It’s part of what makes him so pure. Sheldon has a nervous breakdown when Leonard and Penny ask him to lie. He doesn’t think it’s ethical to lie, and he also doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

1. Once Someone Eats Your Food

Penny knew Sheldon well after season 1, so fans were perplexed as to why she thought Sheldon wouldn’t mind if she ate off his plate or touched his food.

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