TBBT: 10 Reasons Why It Took Leonard & Penny So Long To Marry

TBBT: 10 Reasons Why It Took Leonard & Penny So Long To Marry

One of The Big Bang Theory’s ongoing storylines was Penny and Leonard’s relationship. After years of being on-again, off-again, friends to lovers, the two married in season 9. Fans were glued to their screens, waiting to see if they would ever get together.

10. Both characters felt they were too different from one another.

One of the reasons Leonard and Penny were hesitant to marry was that they did not believe they were compatible enough. In “The First Pitch Insufficiency,” Sheldon boasts that his relationship with Amy is superior to Leonard and Penny’s.

9. Penny was never entirely sure of their relationship.

Leonard and Priya began dating and quickly became severe. During this time, Penny realized Leonard’s wonderful man and regretted breaking up with him. She was also envious of Priya.

8. Did Leonard Destroy the Relationship?

Leonard wished to get everything out in the open before they said “I do” when the two finally decided to marry in Las Vegas. Penny had no skeletons in her closet, but he did.

7. They Didn’t Feel Safe Living Without Sheldon Or Raj.

Sheldon and Leonard shared one of the most endearing friendships in TBBT. Penny, too, grew to like Sheldon, and the three became happy roommates when Penny began spending nights at their apartment.

6. Leonard Didn’t Want To Be Penny’s Bran Muffin

Leonard and Penny’s wedding night was unusual because of her emotional state. She had quit her job at the Cheesecake Factory months before to focus on acting, but when that didn’t go as planned, she realized all she needed to be happy was Leonard.

5. They didn’t always communicate well.

Leonard’s relationships have a recurring theme of being afraid, to be honest, because being honest could lead to his members breaking up with him. Most of his relationships suffer from a lack of communication skills due to his fear of honesty. Even though he and Penny were best friends, they kept a lot from each other.

4. Leonard has always loved Penny more than she loved him.

Even though fans adored them, Leonard and Penny’s relationship didn’t always make sense. Leonard was not the type of guy Penny usually dated. Similarly, Leonard had never dated anyone like Penny. Leonard has always been more in love with Penny than she has been with him, even though they are opposed. He told her he loved her for years before she returned his feelings.

3. Penny’s Commitment Issues Were Serious

One of the reasons Leonard and Penny postponed their wedding was Penny’s fear of commitment, which she mentioned in several episodes. Leonard discovered in season 11 that Penny was heartbroken over one of their breakups because she loved him but was afraid of commitment.

2. Their financial disparities were concerning.

Fans can all agree that Stuart Bloom deserved a better performance in TBBT. When his comic book store burned down and he didn’t have the money to rebuild it, it was a sad day. Leonard and company thought it would be good to assist Stuart financially, but Stuart realized he needed to talk to Penny first.

1. Both were more concerned with their careers than with their wedding.

Another reason Penny and Leonard postponed their wedding was that they were both preoccupied with their careers. Penny was preoccupied with her desire to be an actress, while Leonard was preoccupied with his work at Caltech (not to mention Sheldon’s experiments).

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