TBBT: Kaley Cuoco Confirms What We Suspected About Jim Parsons

She started working in Hollywood when she was a child, first in commercials and then on TV shows like “The Office.” Since then, of course, Kaley Cuoco is probably best known for her lead role in the long-running sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” in which she plays Penny, a woman who lives next to & gets caught up in the lives of her co-stars Leonard and Sheldon (Jim Parsons).

Compared to Cuoco, who has been acting for a long time, Parsons had a late start. In his 30s, he was cast in his first few significant roles. Including a commercial for Quiznos in 2003 that effectively made him known to TV viewers. However, he started playing Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory” just four years after making the famous Quiznos commercial. This quickly made him a TV star and a household name on TV and in the movies.

In February of 2021, Variety ran a Cuoco profile that included many quotes about the 12 seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” that she worked on. Among other things, Cuoco talked about what it was like to work with Parsons. She called her co-star a talented person.

Kaley Cuoco likes Jim Parsons’ acting skills.

In a Variety profile of Kaley Cuoco, writer Kate Arthur talked about how she looks back on her 12 years on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory with pride and affection and admires her former co-star, Jim Parsons. Cuoco then said Parsons was “100% the breakout, and he deserved it. She also noted that “the stuff he did on that show was an out-of-body experience. She then went on to say that she thought Parsons and Johnny Galecki worked well together. Parsons, on the surface, was cast as an unusual character, and Galecki was the voice of reason. On the other hand, Cuoco said that their dynamic, not their roles, made the show unique. She counterbalanced that with a more grounded point of view. What Cuoco said: “That’s how Big Bang felt to me. I was almost the straight person, weirdly.”

On the other hand, Cuoco says that Parsons’ acting skills are why “The Big Bang Theory” is so popular. On the other hand, Cuoco is no slouch when acting. Her most recent project, “The Flight Attendant,” has a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it will soon be back for a second season, too. As for Parsons, he hasn’t had a lot of movies since the end of “The Big Bang Theory,” except for narrating the spinoff series “Young Sheldon” (via IMDB). Cuoco said that Parsons is naturally good at acting, making it possible that he will have a comeback.

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