The 10 Best Characters From The Big Bang Theory Who Only Appeared In One Episode

The 10 Best Characters From The Big Bang Theory Who Only Appeared In One Episode

The best characters on The Big Bang Theory frequently appear, imprinting themselves in viewers’ minds. These characters propel the story forward or provide a welcome diversion from the norm.

10. Underhill, David

David starts working on a project with Leonard and quickly outperforms him. The recipient of the Macarthur Grant is also a Black Diamond skier and a member of a rock band.

9. Wolowitz, Josh

Josh appears, claiming to be Howard’s half-brother after Howard and Bernadette move into his late mother’s house.

8. Wolcott, Robert

Sheldon’s pen pal, Dr. Robert Wolcott, is also a reclusive topologist. Sheldon travels to his mountain cabin to meet him and assist him with his string theory research.

7. Alicia

Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard’s upstairs neighbor are introduced as Alicia. Like Penny, she’s an aspiring actress who has a way of making all the guys fall in love with her.

6. Theodore

Theodore temporarily rents Sheldon’s room in Apartment 4A. He advises Sheldon and Leonard not to break up their friendship after witnessing their fight.

5. Christy Vanderbilt

Penny’s friend from Nebraska visits her for a few days, and Howard falls madly in love with her. Penny jokes that Christy has slept with every guy in Omaha.

4. Angela

Raj takes a drug to treat his social anxiety after growing tired of not having the courage to approach women. The drug works, and he successfully seduces Angela at a coffee shop.

3. Mrs. Latham

Leonard meets Mrs. Latham, a significant donor who also happens to get a crush on him, at a Caltech fundraiser. Leonard is initially put off when she reveals that her donation isn’t conditional but eventually sleeps with her. Whether he rejects her or falls in love with her, she will continue to give the money.

2. Siri

After receiving the iPhone 4S, Raj tries to flirt with the computerized voice-command personal assistant, but she teases him back. He then has a dream about being on a date with Siri (who has taken on the appearance of a real woman), but she cannot communicate with him because she is not accurate.

1. Trent Monaco

When Howard and Raj form the band “Footprints on the Moon,” they gain a Trent fan who constantly comments on their Facebook page. They stalk him because they think he’s cool, only to be disgusted by his strange habits.

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