The 15 Most Romantic Leonard and Penny Moments on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has more couples than any other TV show. We have Sheldon and Amy, his one true love. Then there’s Howard, a wild nerd, and Bernadette, his bossy little sister. Last but not least, there’s Raj and his steady girlfriend, Anu. Even though each couple has their own weird love story, none of them can compare to Penny and Leonard’s epic love story. Let’s look at the most romantic things they’ve done together in the last ten years.

15. What do you need?

14. What did you mean when you said you would miss me?

13. Smart and beautiful.

12. Marriage is scary.

11. She was dancing with the prettiest girl at the prom.

10. Thank you for saying yes.

9. Ahhh, for the first time

8. It’s a snowflake from the North Pole.

7. Would you please help us make a relationship agreement?

6. We stick together.

5. Eleven Leonard?

4. He’s the best.

3. Molecule

2. Say cheese!

1. Thank you for being the emotional one in this relationship.

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